Apple’s ad agency appoints new directors for iPhone and Services ads


TBWA/Media Arts Lab
Edwards and Monn will shape Apple’s new ad campaigns.
Photo: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

Apple’s long-time ad agency, TBWA\MAL, is injecting some new blood into its leadership ranks to oversea the creation of advertisements for iPhone and Apple Services.

The agency revealed today that it has brought in Geoff Edwards and Chuck Monn to serve as creative directors out of the MAL offices in Los Angeles.

Edwards is completely new to TBWA/MAL Edwards and was recruited to join the award-winning ad agency by chief creative Brent Anderson, who overseas is new to TBWA as a whole, and was recruited by chief creative officer Brent Anderson. He’ll be in charge of ads for Apple Music, Apple Pay and other services that haven’t launched yet like Apple TV+, Apple Card and Apple Arcade.

“When you get a call from Brent Anderson to work on the best brand in the world, in the house that Lee Clow and Steve Jobs built, the decision is easy,” said Edwards in a statement to Adweek.

Chuck Monn has been at TBWA/MAL for 20 years. He’s worked on ad campaigns for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Now he’ll be dedicated solely to iPhone ads. Considering the iPhone’s recent sale’s slump, Apple could use all the advertising juice it can muster to get revenues surging again.