Apple celebrates Earth Day with iPhone shots, conservation efforts and more


Apple’s out with an update on its mangrove forest conservation efforts.
Apple’s out with an update on its mangrove forest conservation efforts.
Photo: Apple

April 22 is Earth Day in the US and per usual, Apple is celebrating more than pretty much any other tech company.

Apple store workers are busting out their green shirts and turning the Apple logo green. Meanwhile the company has come out with a few ways for fans to participate with Apple Watch challenges, shot on iPhone nature photos and news about Apple’s mangrove conservation efforts.

Shot on iPhone

Apple photos
These didn’t come from a DSLR.
Photo: Apple

Apple showed that you don’t need a big fancy camera to take National Geographic-worthy photos of nature. Tim Cook tweet four incredible nature photos today that were shot on iPhone. The Apple CEO encouraged everyone to “embrace our shared responsibility to each other to take care of our one and only planet Earth.”

Photos were submitted by Esther Havens, Sarah Norvell, Jason Barnes and Vincent Reimer. You can take a closer look and download them over on Cook’s Twitter page.

Earth Day challenge

Apple Watch earth day badge
Grab the Earth Day badge today!
Photo: Apple

Get ready to break a sweat in the great outdoors on Earth Day to claim your virtual trophy. Apple Watch wearers can earn a special badge on Earth day by logging a 30-minute workout. Hike, walk, swim, or even dance to get your award today. The awards are fairly meaningless but you can view them from your Apple Watch and use them as bragging rights to your lazy friends.

Saving the mangrove forest

One of Columbia’s mangrove forests on the Caribbean coast.
Photo: Apple

Mangrove forests probably aren’t something most people thin much about, but over the past year, helping preserve them has become one of Apple’s passions. As part of its Earth Day 2018 Give Back campaign, Apple partnered with Conservation International to protect a 27,000 acre mangrove forest in Columbia. Mangrove forest are viewed as an essential life line for the world because thy protect communities from storage surges and provide food and wood for families. Better yet, they can store up 10 more carbon per acre as land-based forests.

Apple came out with an update on its mangrove conservation efforts today, giving fans an intimate look at the people trying to help save the mangrove forests.

Over the next two years, the forest will offset 17,000 metric tons of emissions. That’s about the same amount of emissions its cars will release over the next decade.