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Apple celebrates Earth Day with iPhone shots, conservation efforts and more


Apple’s out with an update on its mangrove forest conservation efforts.
Apple’s out with an update on its mangrove forest conservation efforts.
Photo: Apple

April 22 is Earth Day in the US and per usual, Apple is celebrating more than pretty much any other tech company.

Apple store workers are busting out their green shirts and turning the Apple logo green. Meanwhile the company has come out with a few ways for fans to participate with Apple Watch challenges, shot on iPhone nature photos and news about Apple’s mangrove conservation efforts.

Apple just bought a forest 2.5 times the size of Manhattan


Apple's forest in North Carolina - where future iPhone boxes are born. Photo: Whitney Flanagan, The Conservation Fund
Photo: Whitney Flanagan, The Conservation Fund

When you’re the richest company in the world you can afford to do crazy things: build a spaceship campus, start secret electric car projects, or buy an entire forest.

Apple announced today that it’s buying up 36,000 acres of private forest land that will be sustainably harvested and used for its packaging.

The land is broken into two tracts in Maine and North Carolina and will be managed by the Conservation Fund. Combined, the two tracts are more that two times the size of Manhattan. The pulp from the trees will go toward Apple’s packaging needs, but other companies will be able to buy fiber from them too.

The Father of the iPod Has Invented The Smartest, Coolest Thermostat You’ll Ever See



Tony Fadell is often referred to as the ‘father of the iPod’. He’s a former Apple engineer who helped develop Apple’s first portable music player along with Jeff Robbin, and he’s just announced a new 100-person startup called Nest Labs.

Having been a former DJ and overseeing 18 iterations of the iPod and the three generations of the iPhone, we’ve been keen to find out what Fadell and his company have been working on. But it isn’t a revolutionary new music player or communication device. It’s a thermostat.