Lightweight iPad Pro folio won’t drain your wallet [Review]


EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case with 12.9 iPad Pro
EasyAcc’s Ultra Slim Folio Case is very inexpensive but functional.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Anyone who choked at the $99 pricetag on the Apple Smart Folio cover for the latest iPad Pro should consider EasyAcc’s rival. This is slim and light, and costs less than half what Apple’s does.

We put this budget folio case through weeks of daily use and bring you our findings.

EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro review

The outside of EasyAcc’s folio case for the latest full-size iOS tablet looks very attractive and professional, which already makes it better than Apple’s Smart Folio. Both exteriors are plastic, but the cheaper cover has a woven texture that makes it look expensive, while the expensive cover has a flat texture that makes it look cheap. 

That said, your only choice from EasyAcc is a light grey exterior, while Apple offers black or white options.

Both these cases wrap around the front and back of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and leave three of the edges exposed. That’s important because the Apple Pencil 2 needs to clip directly to one of the long edges of the tablet to charge. 

EasyAcc’s offering has a feature Apple’s doesn’t: when you’re on the go, a flap wraps around the stylus to hold it extra securely. It also serves to keep the case firmly closed.

To be clear, the flap isn’t really required just to keep the iPad Pro in EasyAcc’s offering. Magnets hold the two together quite firmly.

The front and back panels are quite slim. With the tablet inserted, this case is 0.4 inch thick. The weight of this case is 0.8 pounds.

EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case for 12.9 iPad Pro
The EasyAcc folio case adds hardly any bulk to the 12.9-inch iPad pro.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Slim, lightweight folio cases like this one aren‘t intended to provide really significant protection. It will save your tablet from scotches on the front and back, but don’t expect this case to do much is you drop it down the stairs our sit on it. You’ll need something much more rugged — and heavy — for that. But the exterior has enough of a texture that you’re less likely to drop your device.

We tested EasyAcc case for several weeks and it’s showing no signs of wear. It seems well built, despite the low price.

Make a stand

The front cover of the EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case flips down and under to prop up the iPad Pro. There are two ridges across the inside of the case, along with rows of magnets, that hold the edge of the tablet in place at either a 122 degree angle or a 130 degree angle. 

Unfortunately, these magnets aren’t quite as strong as we could hope. They do a decent job of holding up the iPad under good conditions, and there’s no movement when tapping the screen, but if the tablet gets bumped it will flop flat.  On our test device, the 130 degree angle is noticeably less stable than the other.

The Apple Smart Folio uses a completely different way of converting into a stand, with the cover folding up into a brace behind the screen.  The advantage of EasyAcc’s system is it provides two angles, and it’s also more stable when the iPad Pro is being used in your lap.

EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case for 12.9 iPad Pro final thoughts

After putting down $999 for Apple’s latest full-size tablet, it’s easy to wince when you see the the $99 price for the Apple Smart Folio. Those who are feeling tapped out can consider the $39.99 cost of the EasyAcc Ultra Slim Folio Case.

Buy from: Amazon — Out of stock

Buy from: Amazon — Out of stock

This budget option is actually better looking than Apple’s ultralighlight folio, and it holds the Apple Pencil 2 more securely. It doesn’t brace the iPad quite a firmly as we’d like, though.

EasyAcc only makes this case for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that launched last fall. If you have another model you’ll need to shop elsewhere.

Those looking for a similar lightweight option should read our DodoCase Two Tone review.

EasyAcc provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more stuff we recommend.