This unbreakable Lightning cable can lift an adult [Deals]


With the ability to survive 30,000 bends, and cary 275 pounds, this is one tough Lightning cable.
You still need a Mac or PC for now.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s soft white charging cables for iOS devices aren’t exactly known for being tough. In fact, they fray, break, and generally go kaput after just a few months. So this extra long, super tough Lightning cable is a welcome alternative.

Syncwire’s UNBREAKcable Cable is MFi-certified to reliably carry a charge and deliver data. With a TPE jacket exterior and wrapped internal wires that prevent friction, these cables are built to last. In fact, it can survive a gruelling 30,000 bends, and carry a full 275 pounds, making this a cable that you could theoretically use to lift weights at the gym, or to scale a mountain (please don’t do those things). And at more than 6 feet long, this is one cable that offers long life along with wide reach. Even better, it costs less than the standard Lightning cable from Cupertino.

Buy now: Get a Syncwire UNBREAKcable MFi-Certified Cable for $12.99, that’s a 23 percent discount.