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Pro Tip: How to activate Tweetbot 5’s hidden themes


Gotta activate 'em all.
Tweetbot 5 themes: Gotta activate 'em all.
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Pro Tip Cult of Mac bug Tweetbot 5 for iOS adds some nice modern features, including a dark theme that looks great on OLED screens. There’s also an awful, creepy new icon.

But that’s not why we’re here today. The iPhone’s best Twitter app also packs a whole bunch of secret, hidden themes for you to choose from. Here’s how to activate them.

How to activate the new Tweetbot 5 themes

Activating the new Tweetbot 5 themes is easy. You just have to pay for them. After downloading the Tweetbot 5 update, which came out last week, go to Tweetbot’s in-app settings. Then scroll down to find the Support Tweetbot banner. Tap it, then choose one of the tip options. They run from $1.49 up to $7.99. Tap one, confirm payment, and the new themes will be unlocked.

Check it:

Good old-fashioned cash will get you the Tweetbot 5 themes you want.
Good old-fashioned cash will get you what you want.
Photo: Cult of Mac

To find the new themes, stay in Settings and tap on Display. Scroll down to find the new themes. A small tweet at the top shows a preview. Here they are:

Tweetbot now has seven themes, if you know how to find them.
Tweetbot now has seven themes, if you know how to find them.
Photo: Cult of Mac


A better way to audition the new themes is to stay in the regular timeline view, and give a two-fingered flick to the screen, like flipping a light switch. This will cycle through the installed themes. Stop when you find the one you like.

This is a great idea. Everyone gets a free update to a great app, but the developer, Tapbots, also gets paid to keep improving the app.

Pretty much nobody, ever, leaves an in-app tip. But by turning the “tip” into a stealth in-app-purchase, it becomes pretty essential. Now, if there was only an in-app purchase to change that hideous icon, I’d be all over it.