This minimal laptop stand takes a play from Apple's design playbook [Deals] | Cult of Mac

This minimal laptop stand takes a play from Apple’s design playbook [Deals]


mBar Stand

Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A laptop stand is probably one of the few laptop accessories with the highest ROI. Ergonomically speaking, a laptop helps users alleviate neck and back pain from having to hunch over while laptop usage. In addition, users are more productive since the laptop sits at a similar height to a secondary display monitor.

Rain Design’s laptop stands have become the gold standard for Apple users. The mBar pro and pro+ stands are designed for comfort and portability. The mBar pro elevates laptops to 3 inches, while the mBar pro+ raises up to 5.5 inches. With an elevated laptop, there is more airflow allowing for machines to run at cooler temperatures. The ultra-portability of the stands come from their precision anodized aluminum construction, similar to Apple’s Macbooks. The clever design allows these laptop stands to fold up making viewing and typing on your laptop that much more comfortable.

Buy now: Use your Macbook and iPad in comfort with the Rain Design mBar pro (silver and space gray) for $46.90 or pro+ (silver and space gray) for $57.90.