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Floating iPad and MacBook are ready for close-ups in well-lit workstation [Setups]


Who is this person, a movie star? A TV reporter? Nope, he's in sales.
Who is this person, a movie star? A TV reporter? Nope, he's in sales.
Photo: garywindthorp@Reddit.com

Today’s featured setup looks, at a glance, like it sports dual mounted laptops. But one’s an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard and one’s a MacBook Pro, floating on either side of a 32-inch external Samsung display. Universal Control lets the user work across the screens.

His only problem seems to be that silver Magic Trackpad sticking out like a sore thumb in darker surroundings. Naturally, social media came to the rescue with possible fixes.

When you need a second WFH zone, this is how you do it [Setups]


Basic Apple Guy's setup, the
Basic Apple Guy's setup, the "kitchen edition," needs to be easy to clean and move.
Photo: BasicAppleGuy.com

Blogger Basic Apple Guy, whom we’ll call BAG, has been an Apple fan since high school shop class, when he convinced the teacher that making an iMovie on the teacher’s iMac G3 should fit into the curriculum. Now, decades later, BAG’s passion lives on. It showed when he recently shared one of his computer setups, the “kitchen edition.”

Massive monitor makes this video-editing rig monumental [Setups]


This wfh setup has an amazing monitor
No clutter on this desk.
Photo: @garydeefilms

An epic screen is the hallmark of any great setup, and Gary Dee’s video-editing suite is certainly no exception. Dee, a cinematographer and drone pilot, previously used two monitors, but he decided to declutter his desk and replace them with an UltraWide 34-incher from LG Electronics. The massive monitor still leaves him with plenty of screen real estate.

In terms of audio, a pair of Bose speakers give him banging sound. And he uses a high-quality Røde microphone. To complement his minimalist desk, he uses a Rain Design mStand to hold his MacBook.

This minimal laptop stand takes a play from Apple’s design playbook [Deals]


mBar Stand

Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A laptop stand is probably one of the few laptop accessories with the highest ROI. Ergonomically speaking, a laptop helps users alleviate neck and back pain from having to hunch over while laptop usage. In addition, users are more productive since the laptop sits at a similar height to a secondary display monitor.

Slider iPad Stand Is Sturdy, Portable And Pocket-Friendly



iPad stands: You really do need one. Some are happy with the Smart Cover, which is fine for typing and movie watching, but not much else. And the really smart folks use the PadPivot, which is still my go-to do-everything stand (I’m using one right now).

But if what you want is a sturdy-looking stand for an iPad, whether in portrait or landscape orientations, and whether its in a case or out, then the Slider looks to be worth a look. It’s handsome, at least.