Preorder iPhone XR using Siri Shortcuts and the Apple Store app

Preorder iPhone XR using Siri Shortcuts and the Apple Store app


Apple Store app
Let Siri do the hard work for you.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The Apple Store app has been updated to support Siri Shortcuts. It provides shoppers with an “even faster way” to preorder the iPhone XR later this month, Apple says. Here’s what you need to do to get everything set up before October 19.

The Apple Store app makes it easier to buy Apple products from your iOS device. It’s a vastly better experience than using the Apple website in Safari on a small screen. And thanks to Siri Shortcuts support, it’s now even better.

Apple Store app works with Siri Shortcuts

Rather than having to load up the Apple Store on October 19 to preorder your iPhone XR, just ask Siri to do it. If you’re signed up to the iPhone Upgrade Program, look out for the “Add to Siri” button that will appear when you’re going through the pre-approval process.

You’ll be able to set your own voice command, such as “preorder my iPhone XR,” which will speed up the ordering process.

“Say your phrase when pre-order begins, and let Siri pull up your pre-approval in the App Store app so you can quickly complete your order,” Apple explains.

Get the Apple Store update today

Apple Store version 5.1.1 also adds support for Apple Watch Series 4’s larger display. You can download the update from the App Store now.