CultCast fans, this is the Siri Shortcut you need


CultCast on iPhone 8
Hey Siri, play may favorite podcast.
Photo: Johannes Eret

Siri Shortcuts are proving to be one of the most useful new additions in iOS 12. If you’re a fan of Cult of Mac‘s weekly podcast, The CultCast, we’ve got the perfect shortcut that’ll ensure you never miss an episode.

CultCast listener Matt Kiel created a brilliant shortcut that makes it easy to get directions home no matter where he is. The shortcut also automatically plays music through Apple Music, unless it’s Friday, in which case the shortcut cues up the latest episode of The CultCast.

Grab the shortcut to add it to your iPhone right here. (Note: This post has been updated to link to a better version of this that lets you easily enter your home address.)

Apple’s new Shortcuts app is taking off in the week after the iOS 12 launch. Users are quickly creating tons of useful automations that can be easily shared with others. Because the app connects into iOS at a deep level, the shortcuts prove incredibly powerful.

You can add Siri to the mix as well, so your wish is just a spoken command away.

Early adopters have done things like create a shortcut for when you’re getting pulled over by a cop that automatically turns off your music, notifies a specified contact and starts recording video, just in case Johnny Law does something dubious.

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