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Best bands to pimp out Apple Watch Series 4


double tour
OleksynPrannyk's Double Tour in Black.
Photo: OleksynPrannyk

Apple Watch Series 4 orders open midnight September 13 (tonight!) with shipping beginning on September 21.

In the meantime, grab yourself a strap or two befitting Apple’s fourth-generation smartwatch. The 40mm band works with the 38mm straps; the 44mm band works with the 42mm straps. You’re going to love the Series 4 and Cult of Mac’s lineup of best bands to outfit it. 

Apple Watch Series 4: Straps released with the Series 3 and earlier models are compatible with the Series 4. The 40mm Series 4 band works with 38mm straps; the 44mm Series 4 band works with 42mm straps.

OleksynPrannyk Double Tour Apple Watch Band

Every Double Tour band is carefully designed and handmade for strength and comfort. Shown here in Chestnut.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

The team of artisans at OleksynPrannyk take pride in creating beautiful leather straps for Apple Watch that are completely made to order and customizable for each wearer. You will love this band with Apple Watch Series 4.

The Double Tour in black.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

OleksynPrannyk’s made-to-order and ultra-sharp Double Tour Apple Watch Band — the reasonably priced alternative to the ridiculously priced Hermès band. The Double Tour and all of OleksynPrannyk’s bands are completely customizable with more than five adapter colors and 14 thread colors from which to choose. You will love this band with Apple Watch Series 4.

Price: $125

Buy from: Watch Store

Clessant Leather Apple Watch Bands

The Taupe Nubuck Apple Watch Strap from Clessant is made of soft, suede-like nubuck buffalo leather.
Photo: Clessant
As with all of its luxury bands, Clessant takes craftsmanship to detailed levels, from the leather chosen down to the stitching and high-quality hardware. The making of a Clessant strap is a specific and complicated process, with more than 60 separate steps to completion. Based in the French Alps, the company is led by two entrepreneurs with a common passion for luxury, boutique craftsmanship and technology.

Clessant uses prized Barenia leather from the Haas Tannery in France.
Photo: Clessant





















For the discerning wearer, look no further than Clessant — purveyors of luxury Apple Watch bands. Quality leather makes all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of an Apple Watch band. You’ll pay a little extra for great leather, but it won’t crack or warp like cheaper materials can.

All of these luxurious bands will look stunning with your Series 4.

Price: $137–$167

Buy from: Watch Store

E3 Supply Co. Leather Apple Watch Bands

The Double Wrap Apple Watch Band in Black Chromexcel Leather from E3 Supply Co.
Photo: E3 Supply Co.

All of E3 Supply Co. bands for Apple Watch are handcrafted in-house at their workshop in Brooklyn, NY. Each band is hand-cut, punched, skivved, stitched, and assembled with great care and attention to detail. E3 sources its leather from The Horween Leather Company, a Chicago-based institution in high-quality leather production since 1905.

The E3 Cuff.

Check out the Double Wrap in three gorgeous leathers; as well as a full line of beautiful leather cuffs and bands worthy of Apple Watch Series 4.

Price: $69–$89

Buy fromWatch Store

Casetify Stainless Steel Mesh Bands

Elevate your Apple Watch Series 4 with this meticulously woven stainless steel band from Casetify.
Photo: Casetify

Stainless steel meticulously weaves its way through the Mesh Band for Apple Watch — Casetify’s answer to the significantly more expensive Milanese Loop by Apple. Casetify’s version is just as stylish and elegant as Apple’s.

Choose from Gold, Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Fuchsia, Yellow Gold, Space Gray and Iridescent — all with matching adapters. A fully magnetic closure ensures a snug, seamless fit around nearly any size wrist.

Price: $82

Buy from: Watch Store

Strapa Calfskin Leather Apple Watch Bands

strapa crocodilus
No crocs were harmed in the making of this strap! Strapa’s Crocodilus Apple Watch band is made from carefully selected Italian calfskin leather.
Photo: Strapa

These straps are really well-made and luxurious — the perfect compliment to your new Apple Watch Series 4. Based in The Netherlands, Strapa originated as an outlet to create leather Apple Watch straps that are rugged, simple, durable, and timeless. Their straps are produced in one of the finest tanneries in Italy. Each strap is lined by a smooth leather backing, a careful stitching pattern, and durable linen thread. Strapa uses a linen thread as found in traditional artisanal saddlery and leather-working.

The latest addition to Strapa’s collection — the Primus band. Gorgeous leather worthy of Series 4.
Photo: Strapa

Much attention was put into the buckle design to ensure that it is not sharp and doesn’t damage the leather of the band. Choose from either silver or black hardware in polished or matte. Choose from eight beautiful bands in different colors of calfskin leather.

Price: $89–$119

Buy from: Watch Store

Casetify Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Bands

Casetify’s Woven Nylon Band for Apple Watch.
Photo: Casetify

Casetify’s Nylon Fabric bands are made from fabric-like, breathable nylon sourced from Japan and Germany. Soft yet durable, these  straps comfortably mold to one’s wrist shape with wear. Reminds us a lot of Apple’s version!

These nylon bands are scratch-resistant and sweat-proof, transferring seamlessly from job to gym. Super comfy, breathable and stylish. Pairs nicely with the stunning Apple Watch Series 4.

Choose from four different nylon colorways.

Price: $40

Buy from: Watch Store

Nyloon Nylon NATO Apple Watch Bands

The Tanok. Nyloon’s tribal-patterned Apple Watch bands are best-sellers and rightfully so.
Photo: Nyloon

Breathe new life into your Apple Watch with a cool, contemporary nylon band inspired by the original NATO watch strap. Nyloon’s bands are super-comfortable, lightweight and versatile, and add a bit of tacti-cool street cred to your wrist. Crafted from two pieces of thick and tough ballistic nylon built to battle the worst weather conditions. Nyloon’s bands now come in XL sizes as well. One of our best-selling bands!

Early adopters of the NATO strap were attracted to its usefulness and “tacti-cool” street cred. Nyloon has taken this into account in designing its straps to offer a seamless blend of form, function and fashion. Made with ballistic-grade nylon that’s thicker and tougher than ordinary polyester bands, Nyloon’s straps are built to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

Price: $39.95

But from: Watch Store

Speidel Twist-O-Flex Apple Watch band

Speidel’s Twist-O-Flex stretches up to 5 inches from its original size, making it easy to get on and off your wrist. Perfect for him or her!
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

The Speidel brand holds an iconic place in America’s wristwatch history. Dating back to 1867, Speidel gained fame in 1959 with the introduction of the Twist-O-Flex steel bracelet. The clever, durable design became one of the most popular and instantly recognizable watch bands of the last century.

Popularly known as the “tank track,” for obvious reasons, the Twist-O-Flex resembles Apple’s Link Bracelet, but is claspless. Instead, the links themselves flex. The band’s mechanism resembles automobile leaf springs. The individual links stretch like springs, but naturally return to their original state. The result is a strong, durable, sweat- and water-resistant band that stretches up to 5 inches from its original size. Super comfortable and it’s also a lot cheaper than Apple’s band. The Twist-O-Flex starts at $50 instead of Apple’s $450.

Available in Brushed Stainless Steel ($50), Silver Stainless Steel ($60) and Black Stainless Steel ($80).

Price: $50–$80

Buy from: Watch Store

Rilee & Lo Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands & Bracelets

rilee & lo
Rilee & Lo’s stretch-link Apple Watch bands fit like a glove.
Photo: Rilee & Lo

Rilee & Lo’s luxury bands are manufactured with precision and intended to up the ante in Apple Watch straps. This style suits anyone!

Their unique, stretch-link design for its metal Apple Watch bands is patent-pending for a reason. Choose the correct size and this stainless-steel band slips on and off your wrist seamlessly and fits like a proverbial glove.

The company’s exclusive bands for Apple Watch fuse tech and style brilliantly, and are designed for both men and women. Made of stainless steel with stunning finishes including gold, rose gold, silver, gunmental, black and navy.

Price: $40–$80

Buy from: Watch Store

Bezels & Bytes Leather Apple Watch Bands

We love the high quality of Bezel & Bytes’ genuine leather Apple Watch bands with added bling.
Photo: Bezels & Bytes

Bezel’s & Bytes transforms Apple Watch into jewelry with its decidedly-female collection of stainless steel-accented bands. The company designs high-quality, well-made leather Apple Watch bands accented with shiny, stainless-steel zippers, and studs, and chainlink … oh my. These bands are a polished and sophisticated upgrade to the every day Apple Watch band. Made by women for women, Bezels & Bytes bands take the wearer seamlessly from work to a night out. Super high-quality materials and a great fit!

Choose from Chainlink and Leather, Studded Leather, Glitter or Zipper-Edged bands!

Price: $68–$98

Buy from: Watch Store

Nomad Silicone Sports and Rugged Straps for Apple Watch 

The Nomad Sport Strap is ready to accept your fitness challenge.
Photo: Nomad

Nomad, maker of minimalist, practical accessories for Apple Watch and iPhone, now offers a strap that is not only designed for active wearers, but is really good-looking as well. And, at 40 bucks, it’s a super-sporty and stylish alternative to the higher-priced Nike Sport Bands by Apple.

The Nomad Rugged Strap puts a stylish twist on the Apple Watch sports band.
Check out that knurled pattern on the Nomad Rugged Strap, a stylish Apple Watch sports strap.
Photo: Nomad

With the intention of creating a silicone strap designed to “withstand the stresses of all forms of sport and exercise,” Nomad has succeeded — the Rugged Strap is a strong, lightweight, sweat- and water-resistant band that is also-super comfortable on the wrist. The best part is that it will take you from a hard workout to a night out, and will look great in both situations.

Nomad took no shortcuts with the comfort level of this band. The lightweight silicone is incredibly soft and smooth for a super-comfy wrist fit. A cool knurled design on the strap’s surface pairs with any outfit, creating a sleek, sporty look. The lugs and buckle are liquid-injection-molded 316 stainless steel for a perfect finish as well as being hypoallergenic. This marine-grade hardware comes in either silver or black to match your Apple Watch.

Price: $39.95–$59.95

Buy from: Watch Store

Nomad Traditional or Modern Leather Apple Watch Bands

Nomad’s Modern Strap and Traditional Strap in Rustic Brown are built from vegetable-tanned leather.
Photo: Nomad

Nomad makes its straps with true craftsmanship and uses the best in class materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques to create straps that are unique to the market. Nomad’s leather bands for Apple Watch Series 4 are no exception and are extremely well-liked by Watch Store customers. You are going to receive a high-quality product if you choose Nomad.

Each Traditional Strap is lined by a soft leather backing and held together by durable linen thread. This pre-stretched and beeswaxed thread helps maintain lasting integrity and prevents the leather from stretching and morphing through months of wear.  The Modern Leather strap features a clean, stitch-free design and streamlined hardware. Beautiful warm brown leather.

Each strap is crafted of vegetable-tanned leather from the esteemed Horween Leather Co., in Chicago, and is fitted with a custom-designed stainless steel buckle and lugs, giving your Series 4 a bold new look.

Price: $59.95–$79.95

Buy from: Watch Store

Survival Straps Paracord Apple Watch Straps

survival straps
Marine-grade 316 stainless steel shackles are super tough as is the authentic, military-issue 550# test paracord which comprises the band. Adjustable stainless steel shackle with clevis pin shown here.
Photo: Benjamin McKay/Cult of Mac

We had no idea what a hit these great paracord bands for Apple Watch would be with Cult of Mac customers! We attribute the popularity to the high-quality materials and uniqueness of Survival Straps Paracord Apple Watch Straps.

These bands are awesome and built with approximately 12′ of authentic military paracord — ready to deploy in any number of emergency situations.  Marine-grade 316 stainless steel shackles are super tough as is the authentic, military-issue 550# test paracord which comprises the band.

Survival Straps uses the highest-quality stainless steel Apple Watch adapters. This provides a perfect fit to your Apple Watch and looks like it came right out of the Apple factory. Available in over 50 paracord colors including two-tone. This is a great-looking, one-of-a-kind band.

Price: $49.99

Buy from: Watch Store


Ullu Hand-Colored Leather and Premium Leather Bands 

Ullu’s Premium Leather Band for Apple Watch in Bloody Hell — one of Ullu’s best-selling bands.
Photo: Ullu

Add a little color to Apple Watch Series 4 with Ullu’s line of luxury Apple Watch bands in premium leathers. Super stylish and exquisitely made, Ullu bands come in all colors of the rainbow in Hand-Colored Leather or Premium Leather. Based in Dubai, Ullu’s philosophy on product creation is a nod to the finer things in life.

Price: $99

Buy from: Watch Store


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