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This week, on a holly jolly edition of The CultCast: The next-gen AirPods are supposedly coming in 2018; next-day delivery of iPhone X is a sprinkling of Christmas magic; how to listen to Youtube videos when your iPad or iPhone screen is off; and we wrap up with our favorite TV shows of 2017!

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CultCast #315 – Best TV of 2017!
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This week’s stories

Next-day delivery of iPhone X is a sprinkling of Christmas magic

  • It’s a Christmas Miracle!/li>
  • All models are available in the U.S. Apple Store, marking something of a Christmas miracle for Apple — when you consider that the majority of pre-release reports suggested that the iPhone X wouldn’t be shipping to most customers until some time in 2018./li>

Listen up: Updated AirPods are supposedly coming in 2018

  • Did you know AirPods are among the most beloved new products that Apple has launched in years, with around 98 percent of customers describing themselves as either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Apple’s wireless buds.
  • Apple is planning to release an updated version of its AirPods wireless earbuds in the second half of 2018, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims in a new note to clients.
  • While he doesn’t share too many details about what the new AirPods will do differently, he does suggest that they will adopt a smaller quartz component — quite possibly making them even smaller than the first-gen model currently available.

Today in Apple history: iPhone may have to seek new name

  • The original iPhone wasn’t an iPhone at all.
  • Back in 1998, a company called InfoGear showed off an “iPhone” at CES. Costing $499, with extra charges for internet access, the device made very early use of touch technology, visual voicemail, basic apps and more.
  • Even though it got good reviews, it didn’t sell well, but it peaked Cisco’s interest, and they bought InforGear and the iPhone trademark in 2000.
  • Fast forward to 2007. Apple announces their iPhone, and they did it knowing that Cisco owned the trademark.
  • Steve Jobs wasn’t going to let something silly like the law stop him from using the name he wanted for Apple’s new device.

Best TV of 2017!