Apple’s got a secret plan to merge iOS and Mac apps in 2018


Mac apps? iOS apps? There soon might be no difference.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac
  • Bob Abbate

    Want to re-energize the Mac? Start with touchscreens.

    • ducktails

      Nope…sorry, that won’t do it.

    • dazbobaby

      And not forgetting all the cleaning that goes with a monitor.

    • herbaled

      Using a touch screen that’s vertical — vs horizontal screen on iPhone & iPad — is much more fatiguing to the arm & shoulder. It just ain’t practical. Otherwise I think computer touch screens would have been available long time ago.

    • andrewi

      Replace the keyboard with a force touch panel across everything but the actual QWERTY set… like a ‘cut around’. Animate, and curve the edges of the keyboard or go with a shell white curved underbody in the style of the original Air’s underbred or the back of the iMac. Illuminate the logo. That would work perfectly imo.

  • TrueNorth_Steve✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    here we go folks iPadification and demise of the Mac

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      What it means is the Mac platform gets a $hit ton of more apps that run on it.

  • EdRed

    All this means is fat binaries containing different versions of the same application for different platforms. Each version adapted to the unique requirements of its platform. So the iOS version will be designed to be controlled via a touch interface and the macOS via a mouse and pointer interface. I don’t think we’ll see an unified OS any time soon.

    • andrewi

      There would be no point in fat binaries with iOS code when iOS has no executable filesystem or Finder to open them, and macOS has no need for touch interfaces. Where do you put the app to use it? It would need updating in a version or two so it doesn’t make sense to just leave in.

      I sense the incoming arrival of Finder to iOS would be a necessity.

  • Pedro Nuno

    Playing iOS games on the mac would be cool.

  • Misha Hlebnicov

    Macs will get fuzed together with iOS and become discontinued by an entirely different product line altogether before Mac OS gets as good and stable as Snow Leopard again

  • herbaled

    This article fails to mention that some apps are already useable on the Mac and iPhone — like the Apple apps Mail, Notes, Contacts, Safari, Photos, FaceTime.

    • dazbobaby

      These are not iOS apps. These are written specifically for Mac, the only thing they have in common are icons and function.

      • herbaled

        “These are not iOS apps”?? “These are written specifically for Mac”? And yet they work on both my MBPro and iPhone.

        The ” … only thing they have in common are icons and function.”?? I don’t need any more than that. What more do you need?

      • andrewi

        I need you to understand that we are talking about something that is not for you then.

        Mail, Notes etc etc have to be written separately for each device by a team of people each. They are very different on each device as they have to do only what is fast enough on the device they use, whether in performance or ease of use. This proposes making a single application – like a HTML5 website that zooms into a mobile mode if you zoom too much – that is exactly the same for all devices, then basically picking how to control the app depending on whether it’s a touch device or a mouse or a pad etc etc.

        It’s a stupid idea if the commenter is right though. Fat binaries are bad.

  • lattermanstudio

    …. it about time………..

  • Peter Hicks

    It seems that Apple has a lot of corporate secret plans problem is how long did they think it would be before chip kids found out what they were doing? The result of this corporate greed will be seen in the drop of sales of new phones and the crash of the secondhand market for Apple products, downclocking in was a bridge to far !