Save massively on lifelong VPN protection [Green Monday deals]


Get a lifetime of VPN protection for a small fraction of the usual price.
Get a lifetime of VPN protection for a small fraction of the usual price.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In this day and age, getting online without using a VPN is an unnecessary risk. But there are a lot of options out there. If you just aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a deal for you.

PureVPN is a popular virtual private network provider, with more than a million users worldwide. Their self-managed VPN network reaches across 141 countries, so there’s a lot of room for rerouting traffic and masking IP addresses. You can connect up to 5 devices at once – whether your home computer, gaming consoles, or TV – without loss of connection speeds, even on public WiFi. All data is encrypted with proprietary software and no third-parties. Additionally, a benefit of using a VPN is bypassing ads, malware, and location based content restrictions.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of PureVPN for $36.00 with the coupon code GREEN40 at checkout. That’s a massive 94 percent off the usual price.

  • Rafa

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  • Ars

    The VPN market is going crazy! How naive should you be to buy a VPN lifetime subscription? What can you expect from a VPN service that offers lifetime subscriptions? How can this service provide decent quality after 2-3 years, when the initial amount paid amount will no longer cover the running costs? The answer is simple: the service will either reduce the quality of the service (less servers, lower speed) or will try to persuade you to upgrade and pay more.

    Another scenario that I see is that the VPN companies that offer lifetime subscriptions want to sell their businesses soon. Thus, they try to increases their users database with aggressive discounts. After the business is sold the users with lifetime subscriptions will be of no value to the new owner. Unless they switch to the monthly or annual plans.

    Also, regarding this offer, the text on the checkout page is very important: “Subscription term is for 5 years. At the conclusion of the 5-year term, customers may renew their subscriptions completely free-of-charge by contacting” How many users will remember 5 years from now to write an email to StackCommerce?

    Finally, let’s do some math: suppose that the offer is for the 5 year plan. Thus, $36 for 5 years. $0.6 per month! And there is more: only 50% of this money gets to the provider! Again, how could this fee cover the running costs when other premium services charge $5-10/month?

    Conclusions: firstly, you, as VPN user, should not go for such offers. They are deceiving and you will probably need to get another VPN in less than a year. Secondly, I am disappointed that CultOfMac promotes such things. I understand that profit is important (btw Stackcommerce gets 50% of every sale and, probably CultOfMac gets a percentage as well), but shouldn’t you care more about your readers?