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Maintain your privacy everywhere with best-of-web pricing on Windscribe VPN


Keep your Macs safe with Windscribe VPN Pro.
Safeguard the data on your iPhone and other devices with Windscribe VPN Pro.
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Putting a case on your iPhone or MacBook is a no-brainer for protection against scratches and scuffs. However, web-based threats can be far more damaging — and not just to your device. Getting hacked can empty your wallet and ruin your reputation.

A virtual private network like Windscribe can help you stay safe online, and Pro Plans are currently on sale starting at $39 (regularly $69).

Browse the web like a ninja with AdGuard VPN


Tired of sacrificing speed for security or vice versa? Try Adguard VPN.
Tired of sacrificing speed for security or vice versa? Try AdGuard VPN.
Photo: Adguard VPN

This post on virtual private networks is brought to you by AdGuard VPN.

When people think about choosing a virtual private network to help ensure their online work and play is as safe as possible, they often consider speed, security and price — as they should. But there’s much more to the story.

A service like AdGuard VPN offers not only speed, security and affordability, but many other assets. For one, it’s not a cookie-cutter VPN. AdGuard developed its own unique VPN protocol with distinct advantages.

Learn more about some of AdGuard VPN’s best features and benefits below.

Stream Canadian Netflix on your iPhone and Australian Hulu on your Mac with this VPN


Stream a world of content from the comfort of your iPhone with this VPN--a deal even Amazon can't beat.
Stream content from anywhere with this specialized VPN--a deal even Amazon can't beat.
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Some people need the full cybersecurity suite: extra firewalls, an encrypted password manager, monthly VPN subscriptions, the whole shebang. But if you primarily use the internet to browse and stream, you might not need to go to such lengths.

Getflix SmartDNS and VPN gives you a streamlined service custom-made for streaming. During our Deal Days Sale, you can get a lifetime of Getflix for $39.99 (regularly $540) — that’s an exclusive deal even Amazon can’t beat.

Unlock more ways to stream content with 90% off this lightweight VPN


This smart tool makes a world of difference for streaming.
Getflix can boost how much content you can stream.
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When all you want to do is browse and stream TV and movies, a full virtual private network can feel like overkill. Similarly, connecting to your VPN just to look at Facebook or shop on Amazon seems overwhelming.

If you need a simplified smart DNS and VPN, consider Getflix. It unlocks worldwide content such as streaming services with basically no setup. Plus, a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $49 (regularly $540) for a limited time.

Protect your browsing habits for life with this decentralized VPN hardware


This hardware VPN does it all.
This VPN can travel with you wherever you go.
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Whether you primarily use the internet for casual browsing or work remotely full-time, you have data that needs protection. Unfortunately, even your simple browsing data is worth something to companies and trackers. And without the proper equipment, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself.

The Deeper Connect Pico can block those nosey third parties from observing and stealing your data. And for a limited time, this hardware VPN is on sale for $248.

Secure your data with any of these 10 VPN deals


Secure all your devices with an affordable VPN.
Secure all your devices with an affordable VPN.
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Cybersecurity is a major part of everyday life now. Even if you’re not working from home, you likely have some sensitive information you wouldn’t want someone else to get their hands on.

Sometimes it’s your browsing data that gets turned into targeted ads. And sometimes it’s your identity that gets fully compromised. Either way, you should have some security tools at your disposal to keep your data safe.

That’s why we found 10 of the best virtual private networks around for you to check out. And all of them are marked down if you use the code VPN20 with your purchase! This deal only lasts until May 24, 2022, so grab a VPN soon!

Make your data practically unhackable with this decentralized VPN


This firewall VPN is incredible.
This hardware VPN is also a firewall.
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Cybersecurity is no joke, even if you only use the internet to browse social media and shop online. Without thorough security in place, your personal information is at risk and could be sold or used against you. And targeted ads are just annoying.

The Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN and firewall is a simple-to-use hardware virtual private network that can protect your identity online and shield you from threats. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $349.

Protect your online privacy for life with this top-rated VPN for less than $20


Save on this FastestVPN lifetime subscription.
Lifetime access to this top-rated VPN costs less than a deluxe pizza.
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Whatever you do online, you need a reliable virtual private network to keep your private data secure. Thankfully, you can ensure your privacy forever with a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN for up to 10 devices.

Usually $1,200, it’s discounted to just $24.99. But you can take a further 20% off during Cult of Mac Deals’ VPN Security Sale when you enter the code VPN20 at checkout. That drives the sale price all the way down to $19.99.

However, the extra discount is only available until May 24, 2022. So now’s the time to grab this deal and stay secure for life.

Get more out of your browsing with this discount VPN for Mac, iOS and more


This No-Log VPN is discounted for our Spring Refresh Sale.
Boost your browsing security with this no-log VPN for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.
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Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to mean finally dusting. You can clean up your online tracks with a no-log virtual private network that’ll protect your identity and your browser data.

This three-year subscription to VPNCity offers that service and a lot more. And you can get it for $69 (regularly $357) with coupon code SPRING10 during our Spring Refresh Sale.

Get the best VPN for your iOS devices at 84% off the regular price


Step up your iPhone’s security with this award-winning iOS VPN.
Protect your privacy for life with this ultimate VPN for iOS devices.
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Everyone needs a reliable virtual private network to protect their private data online. While VPNs are popular for Macs, have you considered if your iOS devices are secured?

If not, now’s the time to protect your privacy on your iPhone or iPad. You can grab a lifetime subscription to Disconnect iOS Premium VPN — arguably the very best VPN for iOS devices — on sale today for just $39.99 (regularly $249).