Affordable Android beats iPhone X in new speed test


iPhone X
iPhone X could be better, according to some.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new A11 Bionic makes iPhone X blazing fast. It’s faster than its biggest rivals, despite fewer processing cores and slower clock speeds. But there’s a new Android that narrowly beats Apple’s latest in a real-world speed test.

And believe it or not, that Android costs half as much as iPhone X.

I’m talking about the OnePlus 5T, unveiled just last week. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, and although that’s the same chip found in other flagships like the Galaxy S8, the OnePlus 5T makes much better use of it.

OnePlus 5T beats iPhone X

The OnePlus 5T cannot beat iPhone X in benchmark tests like Geekbench. In real-world use cases, however, it’s ever so slightly faster. The speed test below from SuperSaf TV demonstrates how each device performs when loading apps and games, streaming video, and more.

There’s not much between the two, and in some cases, iPhone X does get ahead. But overall, the OnePlus 5T’s near-pure Android software helps it make the most of that Snapdragon 835 chip, while its additional RAM means multitasking buttery smooth.

No one is suggesting you return your iPhone X for a OnePlus 5T for slightly better performance. But for a device that starts at $499 — half the price of an iPhone X — you have to be impressed by how well it can compete.

It’s not the first OnePlus device to outpace an iPhone, either. You may remember that the OnePlus 5 was the only Android smartphone to outpace the iPhone 7 earlier this year.

  • Ky

    Yes but give it six months and it’ll lag while the X will continue to run smoothly!

  • GoatsLegsUK

    And don’t forget that the 5T, like it’s earlier incarnations, sends all manner of data back home.

    Privacy comes first for me.

  • James Alexander

    Just being a little faster is not much to say for it. Anything else going for it? NOPE.

  • gutaker

    IMHO, the test isn’t accurate. It shows lack of speed and memory management in iOS apps not the iOS device itself. Pick the apps that behave the same way (saved app state) and run the test again… will see then.

  • pjs_socal

    Let’s see a speed test involving some 4K video processing. The iPhone X will wipe the floor with the OnePlus…

    • Joey James

      because of the chip. it doesn’t prove anything about apples optimization just money lol

      • pjs_socal

        Oh. You mean the chip the Apple designed in-house? The one that you can only get in an iPhone? That chip?

  • tipoo2

    Like many have said for a few versions, it mostly looks like Apple needs to speed up iOS’s “HEY LOOK NOW I’M GOING OVER HERE” animations. If those were cut down significantly the faster processor and NAND would probably still win the day. But the slow animations are endemic, look at the Calculator thing from it.

    • HenkPoley

      The iOS Calculator was recently reimplemented in Swift, and it has been for the worse :(

      • tipoo2

        Swift has drawbacks but I don’t think we can blame overly long calculator animations on the language, it was just a developer oversight, not enough testing. That they can just scale down the animations still in Swift proves that.

      • HenkPoley

        Sure, it was more the reimplementation for no obvious reason that is problematic, and will introduce new bugs.

      • tipoo2

        I think they’re just trying to eat their own dogfood as the saying goes, have their own developers use Swift so they can in turn iterate and fix it faster.

        If something customer facing had to take the fall for that, you’re right, that was an oversight. They could rebuild these things internally and still learn the language, and only move over once it’s actually better.

  • David Clements

    Speed up to a point is so unimportant. “Oh look, my browser opened 0.2685ms faster, must be a better phone”…. uhhh…. yeeeeaaahhhhhuh… So so uninteresting.

  • bIg hIlL

    Fanboi gotta hate on OnePlus duh

  • thewholetruth

    You fanbois are pathetic

  • Shamus

    Did anyone here including the the author of this article even watch the video? The iPhone X won in speed every time. The 5T has more ram so it was able to keep more apps running in the background compared to the X but the X’s speed reloaded them so quickly it really didnt really matter. The X beat every speed test except for one for Twitter which was so minuscule and was probably just a difference in software anyway.

  • HeatFan786

    I was on both sides of the whole “speed test” with a faster and slower device. OnePlus had the backdoor issue a bit ago. Plus Android devices aren’t coming with the latest OS these days. Fragmentation is crazy. OnePlus’ cameras aren’t the best in the world either. I rather have a little bit slower FaceID than the 5T’s incredibly unsecured facial detection. The iPhone X is a totally different beast because it will be viable for years while the OnePlus phones won’t get the same support.

    Stereo speakers, one of the best OLED displays on the market, top caliber dual camera system, tons of years worth of software support, wireless charging, quick charging, HDR10 and Dolby standards, better app support, iMessage, FaceTime, Apple ecosystem, better hardware design, etc. Can’t compare those two against one another.

  • Tom Elam

    Comparing my 6 month old Moto Play with a nephew’s brand new iPhone X last week the differences are minuscule. Both run the same apps, both load web content super fast, and apps scroll smooth as butter. Why anyone would pay 2x the price for an iPhone is beyond me.

  • Tom Elam

    I’ve owned nothing but Android smartphones since I went to them from Blackberry. My experience is that the long term costs are about the same as iPhone. You pay less up front, but probably trade up more often. It’s worth it to me to not be part of the Apple Cult’s walled garden. I’ve had good service from my Samsung and Motorola phones. None have broken, and I don’t pay for the carrier insurance.