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Brilliant concept brings Touch Bar to the Mac mini


Mac Mini
This Mac Mini concept is pretty crazy.
Photo: Louis Berger

It’s time for Apple to think different when it comes to the Mac mini.

Even though it’s been over 1,000 days since Apple last updated its smallest Mac machine, Tim Cook insists it’s still an important part of Apple’s product line. Apple fans are desperate for an update, but if it looks anything like this concept it’ll have been well worth the wait.

Take a closer look:

Mac Mini
You’ve never seen a Mac mini like this.
Photo: Louis Berger

When I first saw Louis Berger’s concept I thought it was just a standalone Touch Bar for the iMac, but what you’re actually looking at is an all-in-one Mac with a touchscreen on the top.

Dubbed, the Taptop, the tiny Mac concept packs all the components of a regular computer, plus a microphone and speakers. It can be used to display the app dock on your Mac while also doubling as a Touch Bar for quick access to popular tasks and commands.

The concept also adds Face ID to the Mac mini so that it unlocks as soon as its owner is within a distance to use it, Berger says the concept is supposed to reposition the traditional desktop PC as a device that is the center of interaction, instead of relying on other peripherals.