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Best iPhone 8 battery cases and backup batteries


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Even the giant plus-sized iPhones run out of juice eventually, and that goes for the new iPhone 8 as much as any iPhone before it. You could carry a charger with you and spend the day hunting for available wall-sockets, but these days that’s as lame as using dodgy free Wi-Fi instead of reliable and fast LTE. Instead, you should take some backup power with you. There are two options: battery cases, great for really heavy phone users who always run out of power before lunch, and a spare battery with a USB cable that can charge your iPhone, or any device, but stays in the bottom of your bag until it’s needed.

Let’s take a look at the options. There’s also one very cool surprise feature in one of our picks that “wireless” charging fans are going to love.

Anker PowerCore Charger Case

A good, basic case that's easy to get on and off your iPhone.
A good, basic case that’s easy to get on and off your iPhone.
Photo: Anker

Anker makes some of the best cables, batteries, and chargers, so it makes sense that its iPhone battery cases are also top-notch. The PowerCore’s neatest trick is its silicone body, which lets you slide the iPhone in easier, and peel it out again without so much force that you’re scared you’ll bend your new iPhone in the process.

Anker PowerCore

Price: $34 for iPhone 8

Buy From: Amazon

Apple iPhone Smart Battery Cases

The best-looking case comes from -- you guessed it -- Apple.
The best-looking case comes from — you guessed it — Apple.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s own iPhone 7 battery case is a great place to start, because it will also fit the iPhone 8. It’s just like the regular silicone cases, which are some of the best iPhone cases around, only it has a battery hump on the back. This, says Apple, will increase talk time to 26 hours, if you’re the kind of person who still actually talks on a phone. It also lets you plug in the iPhone to charge without removing the case, which is not possible with every case. If you value looks as well as functionality, then, this is the case to go for.

Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case

Price: $99 for iPhone 7/8

Buy From: Amazon

Mophie charge force Powerstation

Mophie's Powerstation can also charge 'wirelessly.'
Mophie’s Powerstation can also charge ‘wirelessly.’
Photo: Mophie

The Mophie charge force Powerstation is a really neat gadget for iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners. It’s a battery pack, not a case, and it can juice any device just by plugging it into the Powerstation’s USB port. But that’s not it. You can also lay your iPhone 8 or X on top of the Powerstation, and hit the button to start “wireless” inductive charging. That’s because the Powerstation supports the Qi charing standard used by the new iPhones.

And there’s more. The Powerstation also does pass-through charging. That is, when plugged in to a power outlet, it will charge your iPhone first, and then charge itself. This means you can use it as a charging mat on your desk, then just unplug it and toss it into your bag when you leave the house. You can even plug an iPad into the USB port and charge the phone inductively on top, at the same time.

This is the box I would buy. It’s almost $100, but it packs in so many features it’s worth it. And it even comes in pink.

Mophie charge force Powerstation

Price: $97

Buy From: Amazon

Mophie base case

The iPhone 8 version of this case charges wirelessly.
The iPhone 8 version of this case charges wirelessly.

Another one from Mophie, the Base Case is a plain case with a magnetic back. the idea is that you can attach there accessory of your choice, when you need it. And one of those accessories is a battery pack. Like most of our pics (even the Apple case), the base case is designed for the iPhone 7, but fits the 8 perfectly.

A modular case is a great compromise between a battery pack and a battery case. You only need to attach the bulky battery when you’re charging, but you don’t have to deal with a two separate devices tethered by a cable. One note: the “hold force powerstation plus mini,” which is Mophie’s big name for its small add battery, does have to be plugged into your iPhone 7. It does this with a short, integrated connector.

There’s a better option, too. You can opt for a ‘wireless’ Qi-compatible battery pack that sticks onto the back and charges your iPhone 8 that way. Pretty rad stuff.

Mophie base case

Price: $40 (base case) $50 (magnetic Qi battery)

Buy From: Amazon


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