Save big on must-have Anker accessories for iPhone, iPad and Mac


Save on Anker accessories
Bag batteries, cables, wireless chargers, and more.
Photo: Anker

Need reliable charging accessories, do-it-all USB-C hubs, or affordable wireless headphones? Check out Amazon’s big sale on must-have iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories from Anker.

You’ll find gadgets like like the highly rated PowerWave wireless charging stand for iPhone for just $12.99, and ultra-portable battery packs with 10,000 mAh of power for just $19.99.

These are limited-time deals, so enjoy them while you can!

Look inside a professional wedding photographer’s iMac Pro setup [Setups]


Jake Weisler's iMac Pro setup is totally pro.
A real "pro" setup.
Photo: Jake Weisler

Jake Weisler is a professional wedding photographer and a content creator for Full Time Filmmaker, which produces crash courses about filmmaking. So having lots of storage — a whopping 56 terabytes — is key to his success.

At the center of this setup is the incredible 27-inch iMac Pro. Weisler uses a Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard with the additional Numeric Keypad. He also sports an Azio Retro Classic Mouse, which actually has a leather topping for some genuine comfort. As an editor, he needs both a trackpad and a mouse because he uses them simultaneously to scroll, click and swipe.

Anker’s Thunderbolt 3 hub packs an amazing 13 ports


The Anker PowerExpand Elite connects to Macs over Thunderbolt 3.
The Anker PowerExpand Elite includes so many ports it’s almost easier to list the ones it doesn’t have.
Photo: Anker

Anker boasts that the just-released PowerExpand Elite hub lets you “connect everything imaginable,” and there’s a certain amount of justification. This accessory has no less that 13 ports. There’s Thunderbolt 3, USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, audio ports, memory card readers, and more.

The company also launched on Wednesday the Anker PowerExpand, which “only” has seven ports of a range of types.

Bring home the theater with huge savings on Anker projectors today only


Sitting in a movie theater is a luxury many of us won’t get to enjoy again for a long time. So bring the cinema home to you with huge savings on Anker projectors today only.

Prices start at under $160 (down from $229.99) for the Nebula Prizm II, which offers 1080p video, built-in speakers, and a long-life lamp that lasts up to 30,000 hours before it needs changing.

HomeKit-powered lights give this setup a Star Trek vibe [Setups]


A cozy but epic setup
A cozy but epic wfh setup
Photo: @mrisad

A set of origami-style lights illuminate the cozy setup of Instagram user @mrisad, an integration delivery manager. The Nanoleaf lights floating above his dual monitors evoke the control panels from some ’70s sci-fi show. And they’re integrated with HomeKit, Apple’s home-automation platform.

The heart of his rig is a beautiful pair of screens. The large main screen is a $1,000 curved, 38-inch screen from LG. The second screen is a 28-inch Asus gaming monitor. He hooked them both up to a Mac mini, and elegantly suspended them in midair by an inexpensive ($40) but fully articulated desktop stand.

To round out his setup, @mrisad has a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad from Apple, and a trio of chargers for his iPhone, iPad and AirPods. As for audio, he has a HomePod and a pair of Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones.

A USB-C charger packs more computing power than NASA’s first moon rocket


Apollo 11 Guidance Computer with Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2
One of these two has a lot more computing power. It’s probably not the one you’d expect.
Photo: Wikipedia CC/Anker

Even today’s simplest accessories include more powerful computers than were used decades ago. To demonstrate, an engineer set out to prove that a USB-C charger from accessory-maker Anker includes a more capable CPU than the one that guided Apollo 11 to the Moon.