Study better with this notes-enhancing app [Deals]


MarginNote Pro for Mac
This simple app takes the good habit of note taking into the digital age.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

This is a great time for learners. Because of the internet, mobile devices, and other tech advances, it’s effortless to get at basically all of humanity’s information. Of course, that also makes it harder than ever to stay focused and organized. Note taking is proven to be helpful for study. But we’re less likely than ever to scrawl in our textbooks as we read.

MarginNote offers a way to simplify the learning process in the digital age. Designed for students, teachers, researchers, lawyers, and the naturally curious, it comes with tools for quickly organizing, studying, and managing large volumes of PDFs and EPUBs. Also, you can take notes, create mind maps, review flashcards, and more from one interface. And right now, you can get MarginNote Pro for just $24.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Because it’s all-digital, MarginNote brings some new features to the old, healthy habit of highlighting and annotating. Take notes directly into the margins and embed notes in EPUBs. Create hybrid notes, with voice, writing, image, hashtag, and web elements. Outline and create mind maps for books, review articles and other study materials in various view types, all from one dashboard. Additionally, you can even organize note hierarchies with simple finger gestures, and export to a variety of note apps and cloud platforms.

Buy now: Get MarginNote Pro for Mac for $24.99. That’s half off the usual price.