3 reasons you should be using a VPN


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Guard yourself from snoops, thieves, and annoying content restrictions for life.
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Among the many, many troubling stories in the news these days is the vote by Congress to lift regulations that require your internet service provider to get permission before selling your private data. This, along with a slew of malicious hacks reported over the past few years, has helped make the public aware of the critical importance of internet security.

Now many people are looking for ways to stay safe and anonymous. Here’s one obvious solution: Get a virtual private network. Here are three reasons you should seek out a VPN solution today.

A VPN can keep you safe

For most people, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid using public Wi-Fi. Whether at an airport lounge, a coffee shop or the library, these hotspots are risky in terms of safety and privacy. Over public Wi-Fi connections, hackers can pretty easily snoop on your sensitive information.

However, with a VPN, all your web traffic gets transmitted through encrypted connections — even on open Wi-Fi networks — so all the hackers will get are reams of useless digital gibberish.

Virtual private network: Privacy is right in the name

Here’s a harsh truth: It’s not just your ISP that can sell your browsing data to hungry advertisers. Companies like Google and Facebook track your every move, maintaining long, detailed logs of your personal data that can be sold to basically any bidder.

One of the most effective and practical ways to browse with true anonymity is with a VPN. Just as VPNs can shield you from hackers, they will encrypt your traffic so interested parties won’t be able to see your location, the content you interact with or the websites you visit.

VPNs unlock geo-restricted content

When traveling to another country, one of the last things you want to see is that your streaming videos didn’t make the trip with you. Location restrictions on services like Netflix and Hulu can prove frustrating, but VPNs offer a fantastic way to sidestep them.

With a VPN, you can set your IP address to any location you choose among a network of VPN server nodes, convincing the geo-restricted site that you’re somewhere it’s willing to stream to. Take that, content blockers.

These days, VPNs are extremely affordable and easy to operate, thanks to a wave of new user-friendly providers like TigerVPN. This easy-to-use but feature-rich VPN will protect you against hacking, snooping and geo-restrictions.

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