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‘Leaked’ iPhone 8 schematic reveals mysterious circle on back


The big circle in the back might be for wireless charging.
The big circle in the back might be for wireless charging.
Photo: KKSneakLeaks

The Apple rumor mill has churned out yet another alleged schematic for the upcoming iPhone 8, only this time the drawing doesn’t depict a Touch ID sensor in the back.

In the iPhone 8 drawing that surfaced today, Apple appears to have made some big changes — including adding a big area in the back for wireless charging. According to one leaker, the feature would require iPhone 8 owners to keep the device on a charging pad to get juice.

Multiple well-regarded smartphone leakers shared this latest alleged iPhone 8 schematic. It’s hard to tell whether it’s the real deal, so take it with a lot of skepticism. KKSneakLeaks expressed confidence in its sources, though, who also claim the device “supports wireless charging within 5 meters.”

iPhone 8 leaks: True wireless charging?

Both EvLeaks and Benjamin Geskin also tweeted the new iPhone 8 schematic. However, they did not mention a true wireless-charging feature. Rumors have claimed for months that Apple will add wireless charging to the next iPhone, but this is one of the first rumors to claim the device won’t need a charging pad, contrary to most analysts’ predictions.

The leaked iPhone 8 schematic also shows the camera’s dual lenses going vertical, with the flash located between the two sensors. Apple is supposedly changing the lens configuration to make it more suitable for augmented reality features.

A number of major design changes have been rumored for the 2017 iPhone. Because Apple wants to make the bezels thinner, the company is reportedly trying to embed a Touch ID sensor into the iPhone 8’s OLED display. Some supply chain sources indicate this is causing a bottleneck in preproduction, though, and that Apple might resort to putting the Touch ID sensor on the back of the iPhone.

Other new features for the iPhone 8 will supposedly include 3-D sensors, facial recognition, better cameras, a faster processor and an all-glass design. Apple isn’t expected to announce the next iPhone until this fall, so brace yourself for plenty more sketchy schematic leaks before the big unveiling.

Via: MacRumors