Sources confirm some of iPhone 8’s biggest upgrades


iPhone 7
Technical challenges could put the kibosh on some of iPhone 8's possible features.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next iPhone refresh will be the device’s biggest in years, but some of the more dramatic upgrades could be curtailed by technical challenges.

In its report on the new iPhone 8, Bloomberg corroborates many previous rumors about the next-gen iPhone, but suggests that more “ambitious” features may be scaled back or ditched due to manufacturing problems.

Apple might go with “more subdued” curves rather than the heavily curved, edge-to-edge display that’s been rumored. And a Touch ID sensor built into the display might not make it into the final design, either.

Bloomberg notes:

“Apple has … experimented with integrating the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner into the screen of the OLED version, which would be technically challenging, the people said. It’s currently unclear if that feature will make it into the final product. Samsung also tried this approach for the S8, but ended up installing a more standard fingerprint reader on the back of its phone due to the challenges, another person said.”

Beyond this, the report echoes a lot of what we’ve heard about the next-gen iPhone devices, but adds a bit more credibility by corroborating them.

This includes the fact that Apple is preparing three iPhones for launch. Two will simply be updated versions of the current iPhone, while the high-end model will sport a totally revamped look.

That iPhone will include an OLED display, curved glass (although not as curved as Apple originally planned) and better cameras. It won’t have a Home button. And this flagship iPhone may not be available for four to eight weeks after the usual iPhone shipping date.

For the camera update, Apple is reportedly testing a dual-camera system with lenses positioned vertically, as opposed to horizontally. Some prototypes still bear the current iPhones’ camera bump, rather than having the camera sit flush against the phone.

The updated lower-end model iPhones will stick with LCD displays and get fewer hardware updates.

Given that the 2017-era iPhone refresh is the company’s 10th anniversary iPhone, and has widely been described as the biggest update since 2014’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, are you enthused by what we’ve heard about the iPhone 8 so far? Leave your comments below.

  • Steve M

    Nope… nothing so far to make me want to shell out $1,000+ for a phone. In a couple of cycles, all of the 8’s “features” will be standard on all iPhones.

  • Buck Tailor

    but will the standard iPhone model have the dual lens that the current 7 plus has? That’s what they need to do. If not, I ain’t buying it. The plus model is too big.

  • leart

    can’t wait to have it on my hands…

  • illnagas

    i have an old 5s and I’ve been waiting to upgrade my camera, but most of the marquee features don’t excite me at all. Curved edges? Thicker/thinner? No headphone jack? No home button? I don’t see how any of these are reasons for a $1000 upgrade, other than planned obsolescence

  • Chuck Finley

    TIM COOK IS COOKED!!!! This is absolutely discouraging and is unacceptable. Tim Cook has run down this company because he was the wrong one to be selected.
    Prior to dying, Steve Jobs is said to have said to Tim Cook, when in doubt, don’t do what I would do – do what you think is right.
    Based on the past few years of Apple’s performance under the leadership of Tim Cook (worthless as tits on a boar hog) I am not impressed.
    First came the emergence of the Apple Watch and not to call it iWatch – dumb. Furthermore, Tim Cook introduces the Apple Watch and it was not ready for release until nearly 6-7 months later – I mean really!!!
    Same thing with the new Air Pods – let’s introduce it but not release it for nearly 4 months cause we can’t get out s— together.
    How can you introduce something and say here it is – no pay us for it and not have it ready for prime time.
    Mr. Cook, you are the biggest disappointment since the 20 Anniversary Mac. It feel it’s time for Cook to go and get someone to run Apple like Steve did.
    When in doubt – DO WHAT STEVE WOULD DO!!! It’s what Apple needs today.

    • herbaled

      Meanwhile you’re complaining about WHAT STEVE DID DO (i.e., told Cook to run Apple the way Cook sees fit.

  • Nothing mentioned gets me the least bit excited…Yawn!…remember when we were actually excited to be getting a iPhone? I think we are spoiled… OLED so what? Fingerprint sensor under the glass…OOOHH!

    Better camera?….the one they have now is great……it’s just challenging to come up with some new WizBang feature that’s revolutionary? Yet I get a new one every year…for over $1K though….they better have something exciting!

  • onlinenetizen

    the camera should be a dongle