Sorry Samsung! iPhone 7 still outperforms the Galaxy S8


TouchWiz has been greatly improved for the Galaxy S8.
Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy S8 might be packing a brand new Qualcomm processor, and it might outpace the iPhone 7 easily in benchmark tests. But when it comes to real-world performance, Apple’s 7-month-old smartphone proves it’s still king.

There’s no denying the Galaxy S8 is insanely fast. Its Snapdragon 835 chip boasts eight Kryo processing cores and up to 25 percent faster Adreno 540 graphics, allowing it to play GameCube games at full speed inside an emulator.

The Galaxy S8 is certainly the fastest Android-powered smartphone available today, but the iPhone proves that raw performance isn’t everything without excellent software to go with it. Benchmarks mean nothing when real-world performance doesn’t match up.

Despite fewer processing cores and slower clock speeds, the iPhone 7 still handles everyday tasks better than Samsung’s latest flagship. In the video below, you’ll see it loading apps, multitasking, and even processing 4K video faster than the Galaxy S8.

This is obviously something to bear in mind if smartphone performance is important to you. While the Galaxy S8 might look faster on paper, it’s not until you use it for everyday things that your realize it’s still not quite as snappy as the iPhone 7.

Having said that, it’s certainly not slow, either. Unless you put these handsets side-by-side, the differences aren’t really noticeable, and the Galaxy S8 will still feel incredibly fast if it’s the only handset you’re using.

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37 responses to “Sorry Samsung! iPhone 7 still outperforms the Galaxy S8”

  1. Duel says:

    Apple is putting lot more effort for where the actual raw performance comes. Those powerful single cores.

  2. Eddy Nelson Lopez says:

    You forgot to say that the S8 in the video is actually the snapdragon 835 variant which is garbage when you compare it to the Exynos 8895 variant sold outside of the US, that is why i always import my galaxys from Europe.and do not buy them in the US.

  3. Buck E. Fush says:

    It’s nice to know the iPhone is no slouch but most people choose their smartphones based on brand legacy/loyalty.

  4. Great Dear Leader says:

    Well of course the iPhone runs circles around SWINESUNG.

    • jOn Garrett says:

      Unless those circles are;

      Display quality
      Camera quality
      OS freedom and flexibility
      Stability and reliability (yes, read the studies)
      Storage expansion
      VR capabilities
      Health and fitness tracking

      Things that actually matters to users, not launching an app a few milliseconds faster.

      • Duel says:

        You android users with your long lists is so sad

      • Great Dear Leader says:

        Multitasking (Yup Apple is doing just fine for years)
        Display quality(Apple is doing just fine) Don’t worry those android forums are making all those complains up about Image retention issues and Burn in.(All of them a lie) LOL
        Camera quality – Both are great : )
        OS freedom and flexibility , What freedom? LOL What Tizen? LMFAO!! Let me be clear if you void your warranty in anyway then you lost from the start.
        Stability and reliability (yes, read the studies) The bugs and Crashing on Swinesung phones? Yea those ones right(I read the studies)
        Storage expansion That i agree : ) Swinesung is doing it right. Just wish cloud storage would exist for both platform.
        VR capabilities Every-phone has VR Capability now days There are plenty of kits sold online for both platforms.(then again i’m blind.
        Health and fitness tracking – This is a Joke right.. Swinesung is trash with this.

        Things that matter, Stability, Quality Hardware, and Great Applications to take advantage . Don’t worry in 5 years Swinesung will have 20Core phone and i’m sure Apple would moved on to 4 cores that would still run circles around Swinesung.

        Anything else?

  5. jOn Garrett says:

    How about telling the WHOLE truth about these unscientific “speed” tests.

    What are the scores when using quad & octa cores? And with apps designed to work on quad and octa cores.

    What are the scores on an iPhone maxed out at 2k?

    Was any hardware on the Galaxy disabled that might slow it down?

    • Duel says:

      Haha android user with he’s excuses, sorry tell this to you but resolution doesn’t make any difference in Loading speed. By the way S8 is 1080p out of the box.

      “And with apps designed to work on quad and octa cores”

      Those apps doesn’t exists :D

    • Duel says:

      Let’s here the excuses youtu . be/pBIPU8aCCgE according to you, 720p should have been clear winner, right?

    • Duel says:

      Still waiting your reply for that note 7 720p vs 2k mode speed test video, why the results arent like you think they are? Let’s hear the excuses

    • ciderrules says:

      There’s no Android software that can utilize all those cores.

  6. Grits n Gravy says:

    Iphone 7 will still get updates in 6 months on ALL carriers

    End of discussion

    • jOn Garrett says:

      Updates that’s aren’t really updates, they’re just bug fixes and patches and I get those every month too without them being called new versions. What exactly did you get in the last 3 iOS “updates”?

      • ciderrules says:

        Must really bother you to know Apple processors are far more advanced than anything Qualcomm or Samsung has. Or that iOS devices will get 5 years of updates/support where you’re lucky to get 2 on Android.

      • Duel says:

        Typical fandroid, so funny that he haven’t said anything about that note 7 video, im not surprised because really what you can say about that without looking completely moron, so he does like every else fandroid and just ignore it

  7. ciderrules says:

    What else is new? High single core and IPC wins the day.

  8. iHead says:

    Apple focus on the performance where it matters. Androids, on the other hand, focus on how it looks good on paper only. The difference? Customer’s user experience.

    note: except when the customer is a samsung paid like jOn Garrett who vomits his hatreds all over the Apple site by twisting truths and spreading lies.

    • Loghorn says:

      Exactly. Plus does folks like Jon Garrett honestly think that most of those android screens actually runs & renders videos, etc. in exactly 2K or 4K (depending on what phone you get)? They actually don’t.

      It’s one of the reasons why Apple didn’t go above 1080p as of yet, not only because there needs to be something that exactly renders something beyond 1080p, but also because of trying to make battery life outside of 1080p very efficient.

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