Elgato’s HomeKit motion sensor is ready to automate your house


The new Eve Motion sensor can detect when you get home.
The new Eve Motion sensor can detect when you get home.
Photo: Elgato

Turning your dumb old house into a Jetsons-style smart home of the future just got a little bit easier, with Elgato’s introduction of a super-cheap motion sensor.

The HomeKit-connected device, called Eve Motion, lets users pair it with other smart appliances and gadgets to automate workflows. You can then use Eve Motion to trigger a series of tasks, like turning on the lights when it detects that you walk into a room.

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Instead of plugging into the wall, Eve Motion uses two AA batteries, allowing it to be placed pretty much anywhere. It can be used to turn on fans, HVAC systems, lights — even your blender if you want.

“Motion sensors are an indispensable part of a home-automation setup,” said Markus Fest, general manager of Elgato. “With no wires attached, Eve Motion is a versatile trigger for a host of unique and creative scenarios.”

Eve Motion has a 120-degree field of view and a 9 meter range. It takes two seconds for the device to react to your motion. And it comes with an IPX3 water-resistance rating, so you can use it outside too.

Elgato’s HomeKit motion sensor is for sale online starting at $50. You can grab it from Amazon now, or at Apple stores worldwide soon.