Leaked Apple Watch 2 parts reveal totally reworked internals


apple watch
Apple Watch 2 will be all-new on the inside.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The design of the Apple Watch 2 won’t look much different on the outside, but the insides have been completely reworked based on some leaked parts revealed in a new video.

To make room for the new GPS, barometer and larger battery, it appears that Apple has reconfigured the layout of its system on a chip and added a new display that looks significantly thinner.

Take a look:

apple watch 2 lcd
Apple Watch 1 LCD on the left, Apple Watch 2 on the right.
Photo: Byte

The parts leaked by British repair firm Byte show that the bezel on the front of the Apple Watch 2 will also be smaller than its predecessor. While we can’t verify whether the parts are truly legit, it’s not unusual for authorized repair parts to start circulating out of China a week or two before an Apple announcement.

Apple Watch 2 is expected to be unveiled at an event on September 7th in San Francisco where the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will also make their debut.

The new leaked parts confirm a rumor from last month that Apple Watch 2 will have a 334 mAh battery that has 35.7 percent more capacity than the original Apple Watch. It’s unknown if that extra juice will translate into longer battery life, or if the new sensors will use most of it.