Barista shuts down Tim Cook’s request to use Apple Pay


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As easy as a stroll down the street.
Photo: Drew Angerer

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spent the past few days hanging out with the biggest figures in tech and media during the Sun Valley Idaho conference, but apparently not everyone in town has heard of Tim’s preferred way to pay for coffee.

During a visit to a local coffee shop, Cook reportedly tried to use Apple Pay which allows iPhone and Apple Watch owners to make transactions wirelessly. Even though the tech debuted two years ago, Tim ran into a roadblock when he busted out his iPhone to take care of the check.

Thanks to a report full of Sun Valley tidbits by The Information, we now know Cook is one of the few people that actually tries to use Apple Pay everywhere.

“‘Do you take Apple Pay?’ Cook asked as he was buying coffee at a quaint German restaurant called Konditorei. The barista said no.”

Apple revealed at WWDC 2016 in June that it is bringing Apple Pay to macOS Sierra later this year. The tech has been touted by Apple as being able to replace your wallet, but I’m betting Tim still keeps his cards nearby.

Other than getting rejected by baristas, Tim Cook and sidekick Eddy Cue were reportedly involved in lots of rumors at the conference claiming Apple was working on a mega-deal. The two were spotted talking with Disney CEO and Apple board member, Bob Iger, as well as other tech icons at the event.

Via: Business Insider