Apple quietly killed Game Center app today


Game Center is causing some problems for iOS 9 updaters.
Farewell, Game Center. We hardly knew (or used) you.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Game Center finally met its demise this morning with the unveiling of iOS 10, which effectively kills Apple’s attempt at creating a gaming social network.

Starting with iOS 10, the Game Center app will no longer be found on iPhones and iPads, after having been preinstalled on devices for years. Apple isn’t just adding it to the list of stock iOS apps you can delete, though. It’s actually getting rid of the platform altogether in favor of GameKit.

Apple’s release notes for iOS 10 beta 1 reveal that developers will have to implement the required interface themselves if they use GameKit.

“The Game Center app has been removed. If your game implements GameKit features, it must also implement the interface behavior necessary for the user to see these features. For example, if your game supports leaderboards, it could present a GKGameCenterViewController object or read the data directly from Game Center to implement a custom user interface.”

Game Center made its iOS debut in 2010 after gaming became a major focus of the App Store. The app eventually got ported over to the Mac, but wasn’t widely used.

  • DigitalBeach

    this is great news in my opinion.

  • AJ5790

    I’m sure the app itself isn’t needed for logging into games with gamecenter. Otherwise I will be most unhappy. I don’t have or want Facebook so games that use gamecenter to keep my progress across devices are the ones I play.

  • Ellen H.

    This is fantastic news!

  • xoFoxtail

    The app is gone, but Game Center settings are still available in the Settings app.

  • Grits n Gravy

    I actually liked the achievement system even though it wasn’t well done or used like Xbox or PlayStation’s

  • tagmac

    The app was there after update to iOS 10b1. Game center settings are still there even when the app has gone.

  • Peter

    I don’t know a single person that was actually using it.
    No please, Apple, fix the Apple Music UI – the new one in iOS10 is absolutely terrible with the oversized fonts, oversized icons on 3D Touch press pop-ups etc. It looks so bad and so inconsistent with everything else.

  • Andrew Hart

    “it could present a GKGameCenterViewController”. That means a fully constructed UI. It sounds like the UI hasn’t gone away, it’s just been moved elsewhere.

  • lopemac

    9 months ago, on cultofmac, I commented that this was totally possible and Apple should let us delete unnecessary apps. People commenting couldn’t let my comment stand and they started questioning my intellect and coding abilities. I was told “it’s not as simple”, “there will be more bloat”, and that “I obviously do not code or write script”. Hmmm, so it seems it is that simple and bloat argument is not logical. Guess I do know about coding and scripting :) Gotta love commenters that hate on others and claim to be intellectually superior, LOL I think Apple will keep the ability to delete their apps. Removing it on the final build would be a HUGE mistake.

  • Tommy

    I got random friend requests from that shit anyway. Thanks Apple!