iOS devices finally outnumber Windows PCs


iPad Air 3 will pick up some tricks from the iPad Pro.
iPad Air 3 will pick up some tricks from the iPad Pro.
Photo: Apple

Surprising no-one, the number of shipped iOS devices has overtaken Windows devices in 2015. The number of iOS devices shipped equalled that of Windows PCs just last summer, but this is perhaps the final blow in the post-PC world that Apple’s been predicting (and promoting) for some time now.

Asymco analyst Horace Dediu sent out the following chart on Twitter that shows the continuing trend in detail, comparing Windows PC shipments to iPad, iPhone, and Mac units shipped. Check it out.

iOS has finally surpassed traditional PC shipments.
iOS has finally surpassed traditional PC shipments.
Photo: Horace Dediu/Asymco

PC sales have been declining market for a while now, and Android devices are on track to overtake Windows PCS, as well, but it’s the first time Apple’s own mobile devices have taken the lead.

The chart from Asymco shows that iPhones have sold more than 300 million units, while iPads declined to about 60 million units moved, for a total of 360 million iOS devices (Windows is only estimated at 276 million sold). Apple should announce the final numbers near the end of this month, but we can be confident that the total iOS devices will continue to be ahead of Windows PC shipments even then.

Windows PC sales continues to decline, with analysts claiming a 10 percent overall drop in sales across 2015, making it the first year since 2008 where the units shipped dropped below 300 million. It also helps that Apple has a firm 75 percent of its mobile devices on the same iOS 9 platform, making it a consistent experience for consumers.

If current trends continue (and there’s no real guarantee of that), Dediu humorously predicts that Mac units shipped will overtake Windows PCs in about 12 years, so we have that to look forward to.

Source: Horace Dediu, Asymco
Via: MacNN

  • Nicnacnic

    Let’s see Wall Street spin this into a failure on Apple’s part.

  • ATEngineer

    What spin this is. iOS competes with Android so from that place where does iOS sit? OSX competes with Windows and how does that battle fare? Might as well say the the number of bicycles now outnumbers the number of airliners…

    • I did find it to be a strange comparison. I would expect a phone and tablet per person, which is 2 IOS devices. But I wouldn’t expect 2 PCs per person.

      But is what it is, to be fair the website is literally called “cult of mac”. Shouldn’t be too concerned about weird comparisons therein.

  • TechnoBuff

    This is a a dumb article and only fanboys will agree with that assertion
    Who compares a desktop OS to a mobile OS???
    I agree this is an Apple related blog but silly article like this without any enlightening point makes a mockery of the site overall.
    No wonder this site rarely get much comments compared to IDB!!

  • Piero Giorgi

    If you look at the Apple share of the market for tablet, phones, AND personal computers… And you look only at the Windows PC sales, OF COURSE Apple is bigger!
    Look at the sales for the computers, instead, and stop glorifying Apple (Which isn’t that great, you know)

  • Matt Jones

    I’m pretty sure Android did that quite a while ago