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iTunes won’t arrive on Windows Store by 2017


The Windows Store is getting iTunes.
Windows 10 S users still can't get iTunes.
Photo: Microsoft

Windows 10 users hoping for some love from Apple by the end of the year are in for a dose of disappointment.

Apple says it won’t be bringing iTunes to the Windows Store this year. The move comes after Microsoft announced in May that iTunes would be supported on Windows 10 S machines by the end of 2017.

iOS devices finally outnumber Windows PCs


iPad Air 3 will pick up some tricks from the iPad Pro.
iPad Air 3 will pick up some tricks from the iPad Pro.
Photo: Apple

Surprising no-one, the number of shipped iOS devices has overtaken Windows devices in 2015. The number of iOS devices shipped equalled that of Windows PCs just last summer, but this is perhaps the final blow in the post-PC world that Apple’s been predicting (and promoting) for some time now.

Asymco analyst Horace Dediu sent out the following chart on Twitter that shows the continuing trend in detail, comparing Windows PC shipments to iPad, iPhone, and Mac units shipped. Check it out.

Get That Hot New Playlist From Your iPhone To Your Mac [iOS TIps]



Let’s face it, sometimes inspiration strikes when you’re mobile. You’re on the train, the bus, the airplane and the playlist magic just, well, happens. All the stars line up and you create, yes, the best. Playlist. Evar.

Then you get home and realize, with some chagrin, that you have no idea how to get them off of the iPhone or iPad you made it on. Instead of falling to your knees, weeping, and crying out, “noooooo!” you can actually just continue to read this tip.