Apple Music hits high note with 10 million paid subscribers


Apple Music is tuning up to hit even bigger numbers in 2016.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Now available in more than 100 countries, Apple Music has reportedly hit 10 million paid monthly subscribers.

Provided these numbers are accurate, Apple Music now has a little under half of Spotify’s 25 million paid subscribers.

Last time Apple released official numbers about Apple Music, the service had a respectable 6.5 million subscriber base. Last year, respected music business analyst Mark Mulligan claimed Apple Music would hit 8 million subscribers by the end of 2015 — and an impressive 20 million paying customers by the close of 2016. Given the new report, those latter figures now look within reach.

Over the holiday season, Apple Music got a good boost when Taylor Swift (an artist with her own history with Apple) debuted her concert movie, The 1989 World Tour Liveexclusively on Cupertino’s streaming music service.

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Source: Financial Times

  • Matthew Trickett

    I love Music. One app for everything, a good radio station, streaming, my personal collection, and new music and exclusives on Connect. They have it very well thought out compared to Spotify, which I always hated using.

    • igorsky

      Agreed…love the app and the service. Totally great to see Apple stick it right into the naysayers’ asses.

  • Hildebrand

    I hope they counted Apple Music subscribers better than Apple News.