Give yourself the capacity to code with this bundle of lessons [Deals]


Step up your coding game or start from scratch with this bundle of 8 lessons.
Step up your coding game or start from scratch with this bundle of 8 lessons.
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It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and coding is one skill that’s worth acquiring no matter when you choose to start. Few things look as good on a resume as confidence with a variety of coding languages and techniques, which is what this bundle of 8 courses offers. With over 74 hours of training on everything from basic web development to Ruby, Python, Node, and other essential elements of the modern coding landscape, there’s something here to enhance anybody’s skill set. And right now you can get in on these lessons for a whopping 94% off the regular price, just $59.

Here’s just some of what’s included:

The Complete Web Developer Course

  • Develop a website, or engaging mobile app for your business
  • Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and more
  • Build responsive websites with techniques like iQuery PHP, MySQL, and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Add dynamic content like APIs to your WordPress blogs and eCommerce sites
  • 236 lectures and more than 28 hours of content

‘Python Training: From Scratch to Penetration Tester’ Course

  • Learn to use Python scripts to build penetration testing GUI Tools
  • Master data types, basic operation, conditionals, loops, and object-oriented concepts
  • Learn graphical user interfaces, network socket programming basics, and database integration
  • Decipher and understand Python scripts
  • 100 lectures and 8 hours of content

‘Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Node.js, MongoDB, and Express’ Course

  • Learn to build and deploy Node, MongoDB and Express applications
  • Explore JavaScript concepts and practice building Node.js apps from scratch
  • Use Git for deployment to Heroku
  • Deploy to Heroku and Amazon Web Services
  • 47 lectures and 6.5 hours of content

‘Build a Website from Scratch with HTML and CSS’ Course

  • Study theory and practical applications for a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Code a number of instructive examples
  • Understand principles of parent/child structure, CSS foundations, ID selectors and styling
  • Build a beautiful, semantic HTML and CSS web page
  • 77 lectures and 8 hours of content

‘Ruby on Rails: Training and Skills to Build Web Applications’ Course

  • Use Ruby 2 and Rails 4 to rapidly prototype ideas and build a complete web app
  • Learn the basics of front-end web design with Bootstrap 3
  • Work with APIs by using Stripe to implement payments, navigate GitHub and Heroku
  • Implement features such as login, data validations, image uploads, and more
  • 43 lectures and 7 hours of content

PHP ‘Punch in the Face’ Course

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Python language
  • Learn basics of class creation, and how to use PHP syntax and functions
  • Study MySQL commands and build a PHP application
  • Create a database-driven project
  • 57 lectures and more than 6 hours of content

‘Become a Heroku Rails Ninja’ Course

  • Optimize your code to get the most out of Heroku, reduce costs and assess app performance
  • Expand features and functionalities with the help of ruby gems and Heroku third-party addons
  • Configure web and database servers, and tweak Heroku to your needs
  • Diagnose and remove bottlenecks that slow down your app
  • 30 lectures and 8.5 hours of content

‘Mobile and Web Rapid Prototyping – Interaction & Animation’ Course

  • Learn to create fast, interactive prototypes and designs with Quartz composer
  • Improve collaboration with product managers and developers
  • Learn to animate your prototypes to better present your app or website
  • Gain skills to optimize your presenting style
  • 31 lectures and more than 3 hours of content

That’s a whole lot of coding classes, get on them for just $59 at Cult of Mac Deals.