Gorgeous leather Apple Watch strap will make you feel like a grownup again


This leather strap will class up your wrist.
This leather strap will class up your wrist.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Nomad Apple Watch Strap

Let’s face it: The green plastic band I have for my Apple Watch Sport is useful and comfortable, but it’s not classy. I wear it to the gym with no reservations, but a night out on the town? Maybe if I were an adolescent.

When I strap Nomad’s new Italian leather replacement band to my wrist, however, I finally feel like a grownup. This is one beautiful Apple Watch strap.

I’ve been wearing this lovely, dark-tan leather strap for a week or two now, and I’ve gotten many more compliments on my wrist apparel than I ever did with the green band. The silver connectors (which also come in Space Gray if you went for that option) blend right in with my aluminum Watch body. The matching stitching makes my Apple Watch Sport look like an even fancier timepiece than it is.

The buckle matches the silver accents, and the wrist strap slides right through the silver buckle, which has a subtle, squared-off design that adds just a touch of awesome to the whole look. If you’re looking for something equal in quality to the Apple strap designs but prefer something just a little cooler, you’ll be super-happy with this Nomad leather strap.

Buy from: Amazon, Nomad

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  • yentrog31

    Looks good.

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  • Andrei

    150$ for a piece of leather? lol ok

    • Rick Fernández

      That’s what I thought too. I’d pay maybe $50, but 3 times that price? No way. Obviously riding on Apple’s luxury coattails so good luck to them.

      • Garrett Fahey

        Agree. I personally like having a couple of bands, but they add up quickly. Hard to justify anymore than two or three.

  • jmholmes83

    Milanese loop makes me feel grown up enough.

  • FilBack

    Looks like a Panerai a strap. The buckle is the same design.

  • I don’t need a leather strap to feel grown up. Thanks. I’ll keep my sport bands.

  • Kees

    I bought the same strap from eBay, like 100% identical – real leather – for $33 + $6 for the lugs.
    I wanted the Nomad one, but after looking into it I’m very glad I didn’t spend that much $$$ on something they just buy from eBay and sell on…. It is truly identical. Down to the last detail.
    They have really high res pictures on their website, so it’s easy to compare.