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Apple Watch strap adds two HD cameras


Is this a useful use-case for the Apple Watch? This company hopes so.
Photo: Glide

If you’re disappointed that the Apple Watch doesn’t boast a built-in camera, you may be interested to hear about a new watch band available for pre-order today.

Called CMRA, the third-party Apple Watch strap boasts a pair of HD camera with the ability for users to carry out “seamless photo and video capture” directly from their wrists.

Gorgeous leather Apple Watch strap will make you feel like a grownup again


This leather strap will class up your wrist.
This leather strap will class up your wrist.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Nomad Apple Watch Strap

Let’s face it: The green plastic band I have for my Apple Watch Sport is useful and comfortable, but it’s not classy. I wear it to the gym with no reservations, but a night out on the town? Maybe if I were an adolescent.

When I strap Nomad’s new Italian leather replacement band to my wrist, however, I finally feel like a grownup. This is one beautiful Apple Watch strap.

The Proof Strap Makes Your iPod nano Waterproof And Introduces Bluetooth



The iPad nano is undoubtedly the coolest wristwatch available if you’re an Apple fanboy, and it has become so popular as a watch that Apple even introduced a number of new clock faces in its latest nano update. However, because it’s an iPod, it’s also very delicate and it doesn’t cope well with water damage. Unless you have the Proof strap — a wrist strap that not only makes your iPod nano waterproof, but also introduces Bluetooth functionality.