Genius Bars will begin servicing Beats headphones Tuesday


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Beats will be serviced by Genius Bars starting on Tuesday. Photo: Beats
Photo: Beats

Ever since Apple bought Beats for $3 billion back in May, Cupertino has slowly but surely been integrating the headphone maker’s products and services into the official Apple portfolio. It’s added Beats Music to the Apple TV, officially listed it as an Apple app on the App Store, and rolled out a Beats by Dre section at Apple Stores.

Now it looks like Beats by Dre headphones will officially be an Apple product in the biggest way that counts: You’ll soon be able to get them repaired or replaced at your local Genius Bar.

According to a leaked internal notice reported by TechnoBuffalo, Apple Store Genius Bars will start to service and repair Beats tomorrow. This aligns with the day that Apple Store employees are due to get access to MobileGenius 3.3, which is the in-store app used by Genius Bar employees (and one of the secret apps Apple doesn’t want you to know about).

That’s good news if you’ve got a pair of Beats that needs servicing, but more importantly, it suggests that Apple’s integration of Beats into its line of products is pretty close to being complete. Could we start seeing Jony Ive-designed Beats coming down the pipeline next? It’s worth hoping for.

Source: TechnoBuffalo