Not even Cortana wants to use Windows Phone


Cortana may be working for Microsoft, but apparently her free time belongs to Apple. (Picture: @supertino)

Microsoft may enjoy bragging about the perceived superiority of its Windows Phone virtual assistant Cortana over Apple’s Siri, but the actress who voices Cortana apparently isn’t so convinced.

In a recent tweet, actress Jen Taylor (@jentaylortown) tweeted the message “Oh my geez Seattle is beautiful” via iOS, suggesting that while Microsoft may be helping bring in the paychecks, that money is going on Apple products.


In addition to her work as Microsoft’s perky virtual assistant, Taylor also voiced the Cortana character in the Halo games, the character of Zoey in Left 4 Dead, and Princess Peach, Toad & Toadette in various Mario games.

This isn’t the first time that spokespersons, or people affiliated with rival tech brands, have embarrassed their employers by secretly (or not so secretly) favoring Apple devices. At this year’s Oscars, host Ellen DeGeneres appeared on-stage with a Galaxy Note, but apparently ditched the device the moment she went backstage, and was later spotted tweeting out selfies using an iPhone.

Samsung sponsored NBA superstar LeBron James also raised eyebrows when he tweeted that his Samsung device “just erased everything it had in it and rebooted.” James described it as “One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life!!!” which is presumably not the kind of corporate message Samsung was hoping to convey.

Via: Apple Insider