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Ellen once called Steve Jobs to gripe about her iPhone


Ellen_DeGeneres 1
Would you behave any different if you had Apple's CEO on speed dial?
Photo: Toglenn/Wikipedia CC

Lately, all kinds of stories have circulated online about TV host Ellen DeGeneres not exactly being the nicest person in Hollywood. But one mentioned in a recent New York Post article had an Apple tie-in.

According to the article, Ellen once phoned up none other than Steve Jobs himself to complain that the font size was too small on the iPhone after she lost her glasses and was unable to read the screen.

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres hand out Apple gifts to students


Ellen and Michelle Obama hand out Macs and iPads to elementary school students
Imagine being off at a doctor's appointment the day they get the former First Lady to give out free iPads!
Photo: TheEllenShow

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with Apple to give away Macs and iPads to students at Randle Highlands Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

The gift-giving marked the premiere of Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways on NBC. Apple’s donation means that every teacher at the school will receive a MacBook Air and every student will get an iPad. The school itself will get new iMacs. DeGeneres is also donating $100,000 and equipping the school with a new basketball court.

You can watch the heart-warming segment below:

Attendees of the Ellen Show given a free iPhone XR


Ellen iPhone 2
"And you get an iPhone! And you get an iPhone! And YOU get an iPhone!"
Photo: Ellen Show

Apple is literally giving away free units of its iPhone XR handsets.

Okay, so that’s not quite as bad as it sounds, but it’s the free gift which met attendees of the latest edition of the Ellen Show. In an Oprah-like stunt, host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Julia Roberts announced to the crowd that they were all being given a freebie iPhone.

Hot Hands is Ellen’s fun, voice-activated quiz app


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Just like on TV, only with less people watching!
Photo: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is in the illustrious company of Kim Kardashian as one of a small number of celebrities-turned-“developers” who have successfully launched their own apps.

Having previously launched the smash hit Heads Up!, Ellen’s now back with a new iOS game based on a segment from her TV show. Called Hot Hands, it’s a game which flashes up images of celebrities, and then asks players to say their name as quickly as possible.

And thanks to some nifty voice recognition tech, it actually looks pretty good fun!

Tim Cook is still America’s biggest LGBT power player


Apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce the band Imagine Dragons Satuday at the LOVELOUD Festival in Utah.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t come out publicly until 2014, but he’s quickly become one of the most powerful leaders of the LGBT community.

Out Magazine ranked Tim Cook as the most influential LGBT person of 2016 in its 10th annual power list that charts everything from a person’s impact on the economy, political clout, and how they change our world view.

Not even Cortana wants to use Windows Phone


Cortana may be working for Microsoft, but apparently her free time belongs to Apple. (Picture: @supertino)

Microsoft may enjoy bragging about the perceived superiority of its Windows Phone virtual assistant Cortana over Apple’s Siri, but the actress who voices Cortana apparently isn’t so convinced.

In a recent tweet, actress Jen Taylor (@jentaylortown) tweeted the message “Oh my geez Seattle is beautiful” via iOS, suggesting that while Microsoft may be helping bring in the paychecks, that money is going on Apple products.