Samsung Celebrity Spokesman LeBron James Says His Galaxy Note Makes Him Sick


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“My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted,” NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted earlier today. “One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life!!!”

Hey, that does sound frustrating. Who can blame him for tweeting his frustration with his Galaxy Note phablet?

There was only one problem.

LeBron James is paid by Samsung to endorse the Note, the very smartphone that just deleted all of his data and led to the “sickest feeling” James had ever felt in his life.

Needless to say, the tweet has since been deleted. But how does this keep happening? Celebrities paid by Samsung to endorse their smartphones — but who have been caught using iPhones instead — include Ellen DeGeneres, David Beckham, and even T-Mobile’s CEO.

How bad are Samsung’s products that celebrities don’t want to use them even when they are paid literally millions of dollars to do so?

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  • Sherwin Sowy

    Instead of Samsung hiring/forcing celebrities to use a Samsung, why don’t they just get endorsers that are already using Samsung phones? I’m sure they’re out there.

    • plaztik

      Makes total sense to me. I’m pretty sure there are celebrities out there that are using Samsung products because they prefer them, so why not use them as endorsers?

      But I think the problem here is Samsung tries to get the biggest name possible. Basketball: Lebron, Female show host: Ellen, Soccer: Leo Messi, etc. It’s like the second biggest name doesn’t satisfy them. And then this type of thing keeps happening.

    • Damon N

      I’m sure one of the main reasons Samsung hired LeBron is because his hands actually make the Note 2 look like a useable phone. I’d like to see Apple use Peter Dinklage to promote the 5S.

      • Daumus

        Note 3 actually has a shortcut to shrink the screen space so you can use it with one hand.

      • Kendall Tawes

        Why would I want a small screen on a large phone? If you need to regularly shrink your screen real estate then the phone is too big.

      • Daumus

        Who says it’s regular? You can shrink the screen to operate with one hand, you don’t keep it constantly on. It’s optional and it’s a great feature for those who want a huge screen but can’t use it with one hand.

      • I am never used a Samsung product, so help me understand how that’s possible. You could shrink the size of what’s displayed, but if it were shrunk to the center of the device (essentially creating huge black bezels on each side, with your content displayed in the center–like using an iPhone application on an iPad, without scaling it to the size of the device–then it still wouldn’t be easily used with one hand.

        For instance, the only way I could see such a device like the Galaxy Note being easily used by someone with “normal” sized hands is if, for a right handed person, everything moved toward the right side of the screen, and if left-handed, toward the left side of the screen.

        And I really doubt that it works that way.

      • Daumus

        You shrink the screen to one side, depending in which hand you hold it. For example: you hold it in your right hand and you flick left, right from the right bezel. The whole screen then shrinks to the bottom right corner and you can use the phone regularly until you lock it after which the screen resets. Here’s a video of it in action:

      • Guest

        Search youtube for “Note 3 one handed”, admins/mods wouldn’t let me post the video. Works pretty well.

      • Could you then point me toward some video? If I see it in practice, then I would at least not be able to say that it couldn’t.

      • Daumus

        ↑ Mods have allowed the video i posted previously, check it out

      • Thank you, that’s actua really interesting. Tbs, that’s not exactly one-handed operation (the second hand has to hold the device).

        It actually worked somewhat as I imagined, though it’s still two-handed.

      • Daumus

        well you can hold it with one hand and operate, it’s not hard… the point of the feature is to use it with one hand, not two…

    • That’s logical, but I think you’re missing the forest for the trees. Lebron James just said that his Samsung went and wiped itself, then rebooted. I would think that the issue is less who endorses Samsung products than why that happened.

      If their products were to work as advertised, it wouldn’t necessarily matter who advertised them. For instance I prefer Apple products, but if someone were paying me enough to use a Samsung (in public, anyway) product, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

      Though it goes without saying that the phone would have to work.

  • Chris V

    It is LeBron’s choice to sign with Samsung. If he doesn’t like it don’t use it. Heck I’ve had this happen to my iPhone a couple years ago. Haven’t seen it on my Android knock on wood. Hopefully he knows how to use his phone and had it backed up.

    And shame on Cult of Mac for making the title of this article a bit misleading.

    • francis

      butt hurts there buddy?!! lol. so serious.

      • Chris V

        huh, I don’t care. just commenting on a silly article. I was more commenting on Sherwin’s comment that companies find people already using there products.

      • elthesensai

        I have to agree with you Chris. I prefer an iPhone and use it all the time but this type of “journalism” is what i expect from Android Central and not Cult of Mac/Android.

      • Matthew Wheeler

        John Brownlee is hardly a journalist. He has the worst articles and writing I’ve seen around.

    • $66097220

      Happened on your iPhone you say? LoL yeah, okay dude.

      • Chris V

        Go away troll.

      • John Eddy

        I’ve had the same thing happen to me on my iPhone. It has completely crashed while updating Facebook app. Lost several of my photos but my fault for not backing it up. Yes, it does happen on iPhone.

      • Kr00

        Says the person who claims his iPhone wiped his stuff. That is not possible. Only the user can do this, so please, stop with the BS. And if you choose to claim it as fact, then please provide details, OS, jailbroken, etc. If you knew anything about the iPhone, you would know about sand boxing, and how impossible your claim is unless your device was jailbroken, or restored by the user.

        So perhaps you should give it up and go away, indeed.

      • wiredtothemaximum

        Easy fanboy. We’re not saving lives here. It’s just a phone.

      • Kr00

        Back under your bridge, troll boy.

      • wiredtothemaximum

        does your mom know you’re using her computer again?

      • $66097220

        I post a pro-iPhone comment on a site dedicated to Apple and you call me a troll?


      • Kr00

        Like moths to a flame, the trolls can’t help themselves. Have pity on them, they are of extremely low intelligence and lacking self esteem. Thats why they come here. See it as a badge of honour to be called a troll by a fandroid troll.

      • $66097220

        Point taken.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Cult of Mac misled all the readers here. They didn’t post the whole story. Yes, Lebron loves to complain and he complains about everything including his Samsung almost deleted his contact but if you go to Yahoo Sports, you will see the whole story and he eventually got everything back.

  • C’mon its not Samsung’s fault that LeBron got curious about what Factory Reset does :P

  • House Music All Night Long

    Athletes are basically forced to used samsung because of the size. Have you ever seen a baskeball player hold an iphone? its like holding a shuffle. They need the Note screen size. When apple releases a bigger screen phone less athletes will be using samsung big screen turd phones

  • digitaldumdum

    LeBron is such a creep.

  • Stephen Andreala

    Moron LeBron shoulda backed $hit up