Spotify added a neat equalizer to its iOS app



Equalizers haven’t been a fashionable tech feature since Boomboxes went out of style in the 90’s, but Spotify just released a major update to its iOS app and I can’t stop playing with its fun new equalizer.

Spotify’s 1.1 update includes a number of other new features like a redesigned Artist page on iPad and new Discover feature, but the simple equalizer is perhaps the most useful new addition, allowing users to customize presets with six sliders.

The Equalizer comes with 22 presets for genre’s like lounge, rock, hip-hop, and piano. There’s even a small speakers mode so you can eek out every last drop of performance from those tin cans. Each preset can be tweaked to your heart’s delight by adjusting the six frequency sliders.

Spotify’s VP of product says that the equalizer was one of the most requested features from users, so they finally decided to added it to give users more control over their music.

Users will also find that the Discover feature has been moved inside the Browse page, underneath top lists, and new releases. iPad users will notice a redesigned Artist page that now offers merchandise and latest releases. Of course a bunch of bug fixes were also tossed into the update for good measure.

The free update is available on iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.