Angry Birds become Transformers in new action-packed Comic-Con trailer



The Angry Birds are, ahem, transforming yet again in this new trailer from Rovio and Hasbro, released to coincide with San Diego Comic Con this week.

You’ve got the red bird cosplaying as a voice-less Optimus Prime, running his way through an island-style world, smashing through crates, and then finally facing a giant, laughing pig-bot Deceptihog. It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out the video below.

Note that this is not what gameplay will look like; this is a cinematic trailer to advertise both the upcoming mobile game as well as the Telepods — real-world toys that have codes to bring them digitally into the game itself. Oddly enough, Optimus Prime bird brings in some sort of good-guy pig-bot (a deceptive Deceptihog? Never mind.), showing perhaps some inter-species-bot cooperation? It’s hard to tell, really.

Whatever the backstory, both Transformers and Angry Birds are compelling franchises on their own; it’ll be a ton of fun to mash them both up and play the upcoming mobile game from Rovio and Hasbro.

Via: TouchArcade