These iPhone 6 mockups imagine the handset without ugly antenna gaps


Photo:  Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino
Photo: Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino

As excited as a lot of people are about the forthcoming iPhone 6, one of the big sticking points has been the presence of ugly antenna breaks on the back of most of the models we’ve seen so far.

In mockups and alleged leaked production units, these antenna breaks resemble strips of tape, or grout between the line of tiles, and leave Apple’s next generation iPhone not as attractive as it could otherwise be.

Earlier this week, news site Nikkei claimed that these strips are placeholders only, and will be replaced in the final version by polished glass to make the iPhone 6 more aesthetically pleasing.

With that in mind, designers Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino have created some up-to-date mockups of Apple’s next iPhone, featuring everything we think we currently know about the device, including the lack of antenna breaks.

Is this the most accurate iPhone 6 mockup yet?
Is this the most accurate iPhone 6 mockup yet?

In my opinion it makes a world of difference, and suggest that with its larger screen, rounded edges, and (now) lack of thick lines on the back of the phone housing, this could be Apple’s most stunning iPhone yet.

The iPhone 6 is set to arrive in September, with several sources suggesting September 19 as the most likely release date.

Source: Behance


  • spawn5m

    It’s better but not perfect, we want liquid metal unibody without gap.

  • I like the ones with the gap better. The two-tone doesn’t do it for me.

  • Atmospheric Music

    Now this, looks more like an iPhone 6.

    Those glass panels gives it a much more elegant design and makes it actually look like an iPhone.

  • Brandon Franklin

    Looks like the 5…booooring! I do like the rounded edges though. I always thought the sharp edges on the 4-5 made the iPhone a little harsh feeling in the hand especially the 4 (I swear it felt like it was going to give me a paper cut when I’d run my finger around the bezel) so this(6) should feel fantastic to use. I’m actually hoping they keep the quasi flannel design on the back… Screw a blank back I want my 27 pieces of flair!

    • Luke Dormehl

      To be honest, I’d be happy with something that looks like the iPhone 5, but with the bigger screen. That’s going to be the most exciting development for me.

  • Robert Brauner

    Looks like a 5c, iPod Touch, and Galaxy, no interest at this point.

    • winstonsmith39

      So, you don’t care how it works or what it does, just how it looks? You don’t look 15yrs old by your picture.

  • digitaldumdum

    “These iPhone 6 mockups imagine the handset without ugly antenna gaps”

    Ugly antenna gaps?? That made me laugh out loud. I never, ever even •notice• the gaps, much less think they’re ugly. The only part of the arrival of a new iPhone (or any Apple product), is how much criticism, even hate it engenders in people who want absolute, complete and unquestionable perfection. This next release is sure to really test those of us who aren’t quite so picky. Time to batten down.