Rumor report: What to expect from iPhone 6



With just months before the expected release of the iPhone 6, rumors continue to roll in about Apple’s next-generation smartphone. Will it have a thinner bezel? A bigger screen? A glowing logo on back? In today’s video, we catch up with all the latest speculation regarding the iPhone 6.

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  • dcj001

    Joshua Smith said that the next iPhone is expected to be seven millimeters thick, which is 1/2 millimeter thinner than the iPad Air, and six millimeters thinner than the iPhone 5s. Actually, at seven millimeters thick, the next iPhone would be 0.6 millimeters thinner than the iPhone 5s (at 7.6 millimeters thick), not six millimeters thinner, as you said, at 55 seconds into the video.

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey @dcj001:disqus thanks for checking out the video and leaving that note. I appreciate your kind support and advice!