TrueHDR now available on the Mac


Are you a fan of HDR photography? Then you’re dead to me. Dead.

No, seriously.

Not really. Kidding aside, HDR can look horrible, like turning the color up on an old CRT TV set. But like all tools, it can also be used for the powers of good.

Anyhow, TrueHDR, the smash-hit iOS HDR app is now available for the Mac, letting you combine up to 100 shots into one over-egged exposure, all for just $4.

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and is technically just the combination of several differently-exposed frames of the same scene combined. The result is that you get lots of detail in both shadows and highlights, even in high-contrast scenes.

This can be handy for all kinds of things, but problems start when HDR’s evil twin, Tone Mapping, turns up to the party. Tone Mapping is the process of taking HDR files and turning them into over-saturated junk with bright blue shadows and eye-burning color.

True HDR will allow this, but is usually more retrained. It also auto-aligns your photos so you can do HDR without a tripod. Tweaking the effects is easy, and once done you can save or share the result to the usual places.

Available right now.

Source: iTunes