Relive Your Geeky Childhood For Free With Knights Of Pen & Paper +1 Edition



Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition combines two fantastic things: a brilliantly funny de-construction of a pen and paper role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons and a mobile game that uses those very same mechanics to create a habit-forming experience.

Best of all? It’s going free on Wednesday at 8 am Pacific, so you should go get yourself a copy of it. Like, right now.

As with any good D&D game, you’ll start the adventure by rolling a character: knight, mage, archer. You’ll choose a person to play the role, too, like grandma or kid brother. This combination allows for some comedic dialogue that the characters utter via cartoon text-bubble conversations during the game.

You’ll then head out to slay rats, bats and snakes (oh my!), leveling up to take on bigger and badder monsters. Head to town to sell loot you collect on your journey, visit the Tavern to arrange your questing party, and meet up with folks with new things for you to do.

You’ll play both the dice-rolling players and the dungeon master, choosing what quests to do and what battles to fight. Will you head into the dangerous cave to find long-lost treasure, or will you battle monsters in the field to help that pretty farmer in distress? You get to decide.


The visuals are classic retro 8-bit colorful, and the music sounds like any classic dungeon crawler from that era of gaming.

It’s one of the few games that has captured the continuing attention of my 11-year old video gamer son, and in such a crowded space of attention-grabbers as the gaming scene, that’s saying something.

The now-free app will work on your iPhone or your iPad, so be sure to check it out right away.

Source: App Store

  • Brian Boccia

    It’s 11:11 EST (8:11PST) and it’s not free. Did I miss it already?

  • Scott A. Bontrager

    Now showing as FREE, as of 9AM PST!

  • Rik

    08.35 PST – not free in the UK appstore.

  • Brian Boccia

    Finally came up free (12:00 EST)

  • Scott A. Bontrager

    I would like to point out as well, that this sale only applies to the iOS version of the game, my friend found the game in Google Play, but it still costs $3.

  • syed haris

    Ios games Ipad games should be reach in poor people.