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COVR Photo Case Lets You Shoot Around Corners


Ever wanted to take photos of people without them knowing? Perhaps a sneaky shot of a pretty girl to help you “remember” her later, or some equally creepy bit of deceit? Well then, we have good news for you, you pervert: it’s the COVR Photo, an iPhone case which lets you shoot in secret.

The COVR has a little prism stuck on the back, and when want to use it you slide it into place. Now you can hold your iPhone like a TV remote and shoot whatever is in front of you while looking down at your iPhone’s screen.

I kid about the sneaky aspects of this, but it also makes it a lot easier to shoot photos on handed, and I have a feeling that you could more accurately shoot from the hip with this installed – after all, we’re pretty good at aiming things like flashlights without having to think about it, mostly because “evolution” has trained us to do so in the 6,000 years since the Earth was “created.”

Want one? I actually do. You’ll have to pitch $55 or $75 on Kickstarter, and cross your fingers for a September delivery.

Source: Covr
Source: Kickstarter