Steve Jobs Spotted In China’s Ghost City


(Credit: Darmon Richter)
(Credit: Darmon Richter)

Remember the recent bizarre Steve Jobs statue, depicting what looked to be the decapitated head of Apple’s late CEO?

Well, a new Steve Jobs sculpture may have it beaten in the weirdness stakes.

Urban explorer Darmon Richter found the above hexagonal blue sculpture — depicting Jobs’ profile against the iconic Apple logo — during a recent trip to Ordos City, China.

While the sculpture itself may not be as strange as the abstract Belgrade statue, what makes it odd is that it appears as one of many statues in in the middle of hundreds of thousands of vacant apartments in the Kangbashi New Area of Ordos — a  Chinese metropolis that has been called the world’s biggest ghost city.

(Credit: Darmon Richter)
(Credit: Darmon Richter)

The Jobs sculpture was one of three apple-themed statues.

“A series of [colorful] sculptures had been placed in one corner of the yard, apparently united by the theme of apples,” Richter wrote on his blog. “Isaac Newton’s face appeared engraved on one giant, metal fruit – another installation bore the familiar profile of Steve Jobs.”

Since it was Tim Cook who brokered the biggest deal to expand Apple into China, shouldn’t it really be him who deserves a monument in his honor?

Source: The Bohemian Blog

Via: Business Insider

  • ProformaArtista

    If you look into the distance, way over there, you can see ghosts from the many dying Windows PCs, but not one ghost from a Mac. †his is significant as it confirms our view that the PC is a dying breed of device. And, clearly, of the ones being produced now, most are zombies.

    I don’t know whether to pray for their souls or to kick them into the dumpster.