Stay Charged With The TOCCs Ultra Slim iPhone 10 Hour Battery Case [Deals]



There is nothing worse then being stranded with no charger and no battery power. Life gets dangerous without your lifeline to the digital world.

The TOCCs Ultra Slim 10 Hour Battery Case is a lightweight and seamless solution to the inevitable battery problems of the iPhone 5/5s. Snap it in and you’ll get to continuous use on your device, completely uninterrupted for up to 5 extra hours. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for 68% off the regular price…only $24.99!

With a snap-on case and that added punch of 10 extra hours of charge, you can rest assured that you wont have to sprint to find a charger before your phone dies.

The top features of this power-packed case include the following:

  • Adds up to 10 hours of usable power
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Firm secure-snap casing
  • Macro HD Lens
  • Recharge and reuse over 200 times

Your iPhone 5/5S won’t feel too bulky with this case and you’ll gain extra battery life in the process – all for a great price. What’s not to like about this offer?

Don’t delay. Get The Ultra Slim iPhone 10 Hour Battery Case for only $24.99 from the Deals page today!

  • digitaldumdum

    “…solution to the inevitable battery problems of the iPhone 5/5s”

    Honestly, Allan, no iPhone has ever suffered from “inevitable battery problems”, least of all the 5 series. Granted, if you have everything turned on as delivered from Apple, and if you use Facebook a lot—or many of the power-diminishing features and apps at once—then yes, you will need to recharge more often. But this is not a “battery problem”, and it is not inevitable.

    To use an iPhone (or any cell phone) longer between charges, simply be sensible about how it’s used, and accept that a small case can only hold a small battery.

    • indygwyn

      Horrible. Ordered 3, 2 already claim to be incompatible devices and stop charging after about 15 seconds, 3rd one doesn’t even begin charging. Did you guys actually even use one of these for more than a minute?

      • david

        Agreed indygwyn. What a joke. I’m all excited to use it with my 5s, and it shows incompatible and a complete waste of my money.

      • indygwyn

        I ordered an Anker, which is really nice, but nothing beats my Mophie

      • david

        Toccs is awesome, in theory. It’s lightweight and thin and not at all cumbersome. Just one little problem……it doesn’t bleeping work!