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By is a mood-board app, or white-board app, or cork-board app, or whatever you want to call it, and it works in the browser and as an iOS app. I’ve been testing it out (briefly) and so far it’s pretty great. It even lets you access your Evernote notes and drop them into a “mural.”

The app/service runs inside the desktop browser and lets you create a huge zoomable note-board. Onto this note-board go sticky notes, URLs, photos, Evernote notes, documents from Google Drive and even sketches you make on your iPad. You can add arrows and labels, and drag everything around as much as you like.

There are plenty of other apps that do the same, but this one wins out on the ease of use and slick design. Even when you skip the instructional intro video as everyone does, you’ll have it worked out in seconds.

I like it a lot, especially the multimedia aspect. If you’’re writing a story, you could pull in your Evernotes, plus photos of scenes you’re using and links to anything you like. You can also share your boards, and other folks can comment on them. You’ll get email notifications if they make any changes.

The iOS app is more for viewing and gathering than creating boards. You can add links, notes, photos and sketches, and these will get synced to your account and show up in the inbox in the browser version. I’d like to see the iOS app support URL schemes so you could send data to your inbox from other apps, but you can pull from your camera roll as well as shooting new photos, so there’s that. is free for two mural, and paid plans start at $9 per month. It’s worth a look.

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