Get All The Weather Details You Need In iOS 7’s Weather App [iOS Tips]


weather deets

The new iOS 7 Weather app, taking a cue from the gorgeously designed Yahoo! Weather app that came out just before iOS 7 did, has all sorts of neat details and gestures to help you keep track of the meteorological realities around you.

If a list of all the cities you add to the Weather app and the extended 7-day forecast basics aren’t enough, there’s even more to find once you dig into the app a bit.

Launch Apple’s Weather app from your Home screen and tap through to the city you’d like more details about. The chosen city will fill your iPhone or iPad screen with the descriptive weather terms (e.g., “mostly sunny”), the current temperature, an hourly forecast for your current day, and an extended seven day forecast below that.

If, however, you want more details, like humidity, chance of snow or rain, wind speed, or what the temperature actually feels like (due to wind chill or what have you), simply tap on the big temperature number there at the top and your iPhone will display the relevant facts for the city you’re asking about.

It’s all very simple and slick, and so very Apple.

Via: OS X Daily

  • troopersam

    But there is no native iPad weather app…