Booq’s Python Mirrorless Bag Carries Camera And iPad Mini



If somebody were designing a camera bag just for me, it would probably look a lot like the Python Mirrorless from Booq. It’s small, but holds just what you need, and is designed to carry a mirrorless-sized camera, an iPad mini and a few accessories, form a paper notebook to a spare lens to your house keys.

It’s also $80, which in the realm of camera bags is roughly equal to free.

The bag is actually big enough to carry a small SLR and lens, but is more useful for mirrorless cameras, as you can fit a spare lens in there. The interior is divided up with padded inserts, and the main section also has a pocket at the front for your iPad mini. A flap pocket at the back is perfect for papers and notepads, and there are zippered pockets on the ends for things like chargers, a camera connection kit, lens-hoods and spare batteries.

In short, the perfect day bag whether you’re just out shooting or you just like to carry your camera everywhere. It’s light, too, at 0.6kg or 1.4 pounds. The only thing I’m not so hot on is the finish, which makes it look like a camera bag. Then again, I live in Leipzig in old East Germany, a town where the biggest crime is crossing a road on a red Ampelmann, so I’m not too worried about stealthy security.

The Python Mirrorless is also a great name for an eighties goth-y/new romantic band, which I like. The bag is available now, and there should be a review unit winging it’s way through the German snowstorms as we speak, so I’ll let you know if it’s as cool as it looks.

Source: Booq
Thanks: Carla!